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Biden insisted that the border was not in a crisis. He also wants NASA to stop space exploration to help tackle it .– PJ Media

I spent eight years working with NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope.

I’ve never seen anything like this once.

Now, I’m not a federal NASA employee, most of them are not NASA, they have big names, but a small agency, and most of them are contractors. Federal employees manage those contractors and agency programs. The Endurance Vehicle is one example of those programs, as does Hubble and its successor, the soon-to-launch James Webb Space Telescope.

Federal employees are the backbone of most private agencies that carry rockets and people into space and conduct aeronautical research ̵

1; the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

There is nothing about border management in that title, it is not. If any federal agent was asked to volunteer for border duties when I was in Hubble, we would have all heard of it.

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But here we are On the first day, the Biden administration made the border open irresponsibly. Hundreds of thousands of immigrants have passed illegally. At least 18,000 children are held in certain crowded places. The border town is flooded The federal government is so overwhelmed it is now trying to get space program staff, managers and weird astronauts and rocket scientists out of their prime work at one of the smallest federal agencies to deal with an imminent disaster. Will take place at the border

The Biden administration is failing, now trying to blame Trump. But immigrants did not wear MAGA hats. They wore a “Biden Please Let Us In!” Shirt and told all the journalists they had come because Biden told them.

Trump left Biden in a tidy manner. Biden walls and his people scoffed near it. Biden took over the shovel-ready infrastructure there. But he abruptly canceled against Trump and his supporters Biden, following Obama’s remarks about his tendency to “have nothing” had disappeared and did so.

How do I know? Biden has called on other large agencies to step in to help for a few weeks. That’s not enough, it’s a fool, who knows that many of the government’s fat cats living in multi-million dollar homes in Bethesda, Md., And northern Virginia, don’t want to trample down the border, which is dangerous and the guys. He must be reminded of thousands of children. And also having to deal with more COVIDs And the violent drug gang that makes blackbeard look like a schoolboy Shocking, they didn’t get enough volunteers, right?

This NASA email appears to be an augmentation from a personnel point of view and from a facility point of view when Biden’s people began considering using the NASA facility to care for immigrants in March. Wrap your mind around that, the NASA facility was not designed for that. Designed for rocket and launch research, designed for building satellites in clean rooms, designed for aviation or other research, or as academic and office buildings. What part says, “Let’s flirt with immigrant children here.”

NASA people weren’t designed for this either. They are project staff and managers, and high-level physicists, among others. These people are really smart who do incredible things. But caring for many children in convention centers and tent towns is far from “any other assignment” or even volunteering in this case.

They’re trying to hire a babysitter for a whopping $ 144,000, as reported by Victoria Taft in March. Those That is something

Now Biden is trying to pull NASA people out of their groundbreaking space and research work – their primary mission, and the most important ever with China to escalate – to tackle that border chaos. He was built on stupidity and malice. Well, that’s not good. Joe Biden (or whoever decides for him) is an idiot.

Biden’s border cover-up continued as officials blocked senators from seeing immigrants in place.

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