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Biden said Iran would not get nuclear weapons on his watch.

President Biden said on Monday that Iran would not receive nuclear weapons while he was president.

“Today we will discuss a broader challenge. including Iran,” Biden told Israeli President Ruven Rivlin at the start of the White House meeting. “What can I say to you,” Biden continued. “Iran will never get nuclear weapons on my watch.”

Biden has been harshly criticized by Republicans for failing to adequately support Israel. While it is run by former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who recently stepped down, Biden has also been accused of being too hospitable to Iran. By trying to join the nuclear deal that Donald Trump withdrew.

My commitment to Israel . . . is very strong,” Biden told Rivlin. “This includes our unwavering commitment to protecting yourself.”

Biden noted that He ordered an air strike on Sunday. with armed groups backed by Iran “Responsible for the recent attack on US officials in Iraq.”


Biden said he would host Israel̵

7;s new Prime Minister Naftali Bennett at the White House “soon”.

Amid criticism of the GOP about Biden’s stance on Israel, Rivlin said “we want both Israelis to understand that we have good friends at the White House,” to which Biden replied, “You do.”

Rivlin said Israel had no greater ally than the United States because of the “values” shared between the two countries.

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