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Biden team to push forward a new COVID relief bill expected to be worth trillions.

Elected President Joe Biden’s corona economic relief package is expected to cost trillions, and on Tuesday a change official briefed with Democratic congressional officials about his priorities for the call. Collect big stimulus money, two people familiar with the plan told CBS News.

Components of the package that Mr Biden considered “critical” include a $ 2,000 stimulus pay for Americans, more money for cities and states to increase response to COVID-19 and to improve vaccination and financing. Scholarships for schools

Biden also wants to see another extension and a boost in unemployment insurance that was extended last month and is currently slated to end through mid-March.

How will Biden convince Congress to pass the bill?

The White House Biden is seeking bipartisan support for the COVID relief package, which could mean a major change in the law to attract more Republican support. The goal was also communicated to a parliamentary assistant on Tuesday.

If Biden fails to reach an agreement with the Republican Senate, the package could be passed under reconciliation, which is sometimes used for spending measures. Under this guideline, the bill would only require a majority of the votes to pass and would not be blocked by the perpetrators. Most Senate bills require 60 votes to defeat the opposition. This option will only be used through the Biden̵

7;s team framework with Democratic votes.Once the results of the Georgia Senate election are adopted, 50-50 Democrats and Republicans will be split in the Senate. And Kamala Harris, elected vice president, will destroy any ties with Harris’ 51st vote, Democrats will control the Senate.

President-elect Biden is expected to draft a COVID mitigation proposal on Thursday. Biden change officials on Wednesday did not respond when asked for comment.

The law is likely to face harsh lobbying from parliamentarians and special interests that could affect the final price tag.

Some elements of the law, such as the $ 2,000 stimulus payment for Americans, are already bipartisan. Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio sent a letter on Tuesday urging Biden to include a larger review. The president-elected president has been calling for a $ 2,000 audit for weeks and campaigning for the matter in Georgia ahead of the Jan. 5 Senate election.

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren sent a 15-page letter to Biden Transformation Officer, who led the response to COVID-19, where she called for response oversight. Federal government against the outbreak Warren would like to see an increase in data collection and reporting of places with frequent COVID-19 cohorts, including help centers and behavioral health clinics.

Incoming management receives legal requests from state and local leaders. Biden officials were in a “listening mode” with several governor’s offices to receive a federal assessment of the COVID-19 response. “We have a different sense of urgency than the previous administration in dealing with this issue and they are keen on working with the state,” said one of the Democrats in the governor’s office. Speak to CBS News

Xavier Becerra, Secretary of Health and Human Services, was assigned along with Dr. Vivek Murtie, who has been named Surgeon General and Chief of Staff for Covid Stocks, Dr. Marcella Nunez-Smith recently met with dozens of faith leaders. It brings together tens of millions of member religious leaders to discuss equal federal responses in communities of color.

Two attendees told CBS News that the group discussed the use of faith-based hospitals and clinics to increase accessibility and confidence in the COVID-19 vaccine, especially in locations with “pharmacies”. “The specific plan to reach Americans suspected of the vaccine was not outlined by the Biden team, two faith leaders told CBS News, but both said they were supported by the debate.

One faith leader told CBS News the network was planning to lobby the Biden team to expand the child tax credit.

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