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Biden to sign executive orders to expand voting access

The move comes just three days after the House of Representatives passed HR1, a comprehensive set of ethics and elections aimed at ensuring the right to vote, with early voting extended and by post-reinstatement. In voting for former felons and reducing voter registration for eligible Americans.

Sunday’s order instructed all federal heads of government agencies to submit proposals for their agencies to promote voter registration and participation within 200 days while helping states register voters. Have the right to vote under the National Voter Registration Act. In addition, the directive will instruct the General Services Administration to update the federal Vote.gov portal.

“The president̵

7;s pledge to democracy includes making it easier and more equitable for all eligible Americans to exercise their fundamental right to vote,” an executive official told reporters on Saturday. Executives on Sunday will “Take advantage of federal resources to expand citizens’ opportunities to register to vote and learn about and participate in the electoral process.”

Biden is expected to make the statement during a virtual speech at the Martin and Coretta King Unity Breakfast, an annual event to commemorate “Bloody Sunday,” where African-American protesters claim the right to vote. Police brutally beaten while crossing Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama.

The House passed a sweeping election bill that would oppose the GOP's efforts to limit voter access.

“For many federal agencies, there are footprints across the country, with offices where people outside the context of the outbreak can walk in to specific services,” officials told reporters on Saturday. We want to make sure that we can make the most of that type of walk-in service and make it a place where people can register to vote, with the goal of making voting registration and access to voting. Voting was as easy as possible “

The executive order also extends voter access and registration efforts for communities that are often overlooked in outreach, including those with disabilities, overseas military service and those who are incarcerated.

The majority of the administration’s hopes of protecting voters lie in legislation such as HR1.As of February, state legislators in 43 states released more than 250 bills, along with tougher voting provisions to follow. Report of the Brennan Center for Justice at New York University.
Republican lawmakers across the country have sought to dismiss the governor and officials in emergency elections.

Officials admitted on Saturday that in many cases the president lacks the power to overturn the provision at the state level, adoption of the law, like the one recently passed by Georgia’s GOP-controlled state council, early voting restrictions must be there. Act of parliament

“The president has no executive power to prevent the state from acting like that,” they said. “That has to be an action by Congress – so this executive order takes all the powers the president needs to be able to take steps. It is necessary to make voter registration and voter access easy and straightforward for the public, and also to use the President’s bullying pulpit to Send a message to all states and voters about the importance of democracy. “

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