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Biden WH ‘tension’ to blame for Exciting Major, canine experts say

There was a mess in the White House.

High-profile canine experts are discussing what they believe is the reason President Biden’s canine Majority acted after he reported two people at the White House in recent weeks, according to reports.

Cesar Millan, known for his Emmy-nominated television series “Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan,” describes the White House environment as “the most important thing in life.” “A place full of tension,” he said, the problem was not with the Major. But the situation and the people that the dog is surrounded by

BIDEN should keep dogs away from people after 2 bites: lawyer.

A walking assistant leads Bidens' dog on the southern lawn of the White House in Washington, D.C. on March 29, 2021. (Getty Images)

A walking assistant leads Bidens’ dog on the southern lawn of the White House in Washington, D.C. on March 29, 2021. (Getty Images)

“It’s not a dog,” he told Politico. “What the Major said is that he still feels insecure, and if he doesn’t feel safe, he can’t be trusted, and if he can’t be trusted, he can’t feel at peace.”

Larry Krohn, a professional dog trainer, says a dog’s behavior, whether good or bad, is built into the environment in which the dog lives. “Where does it spend time, the people it spends with,” he said.

Krohn adds that the behavior comes from fear and insecurity, which he says is common in German Shepherd breeds such as the Major, “especially when it’s not a well-bred dog.”

“And you can’t punish it from a dog … You can’t treat a dog,” he said, according to Polytico. “You have to turn a dog’s mind into a place where they feel comfortable and confident in their own skin. And they trust those around them “

The chasing incident began in March when a three-year-old major gritted his teeth as an intelligence worker seeking care from the White House medical unit Jen Psaki, secretary general of the White House press, called the incident a “minor”.

After the first bite took place, Major and Biden appeared to be less pissed off, a 13-year-old German Shepherd was sent to Wilmington, Delaware for family friends to take care of. Reports indicate they later returned to the White House.

During an interview with “Good Morning America,” Biden said that Major was going home and that he “Did not drive him home”

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“We had a dog sitter there – a friend who took him and – but you turned and there – there were two people I didn’t know at all, and you know, and they moved – and he moved to protect. But he is – he’s a nice dog, ”Biden said.“ 85 percent of the people out there love him, he just – all he does is lick them and wag their tails. ”

But late last month, Major was an employee of the White House South Lawn, requiring medical attention.

First Lady Jill Biden’s press secretary Michael De Rosa confirmed Fox News’ comments. Major was still adjusting to his new surroundings and he nudged someone while walking away. [White House medical unit] And return to work without injury “

CNN reported the bites for the first time, adding employees working for the National Park Service.

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Renowned animal trainer Joel Silverman cited Biden’s “Good Morning America” ​​interview and suggested that “no one saw this in the first place as serious.”

“One bite is something people have to watch,” Silverman told Politico. “When you have an owner – I don’t care if you’re the president of the United States or you’re just a regular dog trainer like me – if you’re answering and talking about biting issues, that’s it. The problem is red flags. “

“Don’t ask what a dog can do for you, what you can do for a dog,” adds Millan.

Fox News’ Morgan Phillips contributed to this report.

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