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Biden will reveal the long-awaited management action on the gun.

Other management actions are not yet clear. But stakeholders are speculating that the president can declare regulations on firearms, a form of concealed assault. The prohibition of purchasing a firearm for those convicted of domestic violence against their partner. And federal advice on home storage safety measures.

Last week, more than 100 Democrats wrote to Biden calling on him to take action on firearms, a concealed-carry style similar to the guns used in Colorado shootings, which had 10 deaths

Another announcement that Biden could make on Thursday is the launch of his nominee to the role of director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, which will play a key role in the operations of the broadcaster. Division about the gun His nominee may have been difficult to pass through the Senate 50-50 split between Republicans and Democrats.The ATF has served for most of the acting director since the position was confirmed by the Senate. Todd Jones was confirmed to be ATF Director in 201

3 after several years as acting director.

In response to criticism from firearms control advocacy groups that his administration is moving too slow in the executive action, Biden White House responded that amending the law is important, Biden is likely to make the same point in the day. Thursday, in addition to a show of supporting bills to expand background checks and close a so-called Charleston vulnerability, which allows guns to be transferred from a licensed gun dealer before background checks are complete. He also is likely to push for legislation to protect guns from individuals believed to be dangerous to themselves or others, including a ban on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines.

The White House declined to comment, but senior administration officials recently confirmed that the White House was finalizing their action and could announce several steps.

Biden’s expected announcement comes as gun sales skyrocket amid years of quarantine, a summer of racial unrest and the president’s victory in the 2020 election, during which he promised to push. Proactive to Curb Gun Violence In 2020, there are record-breaking gun homicides in the United States.

“Management has been working hard from day one to take action to reduce gun violence,” a senior executive said recently. No one understands more urgency than the president and is looking forward to some preliminary actions we can take.

The White House has held several meetings on gun violence with key groups pushing for gun restrictions, community use and gun violence survivors. The meeting was led by Susan Rice, director of the National Policy Council, and Cedric Richmond, director of the Office of Public Engagement.

Community-based groups supported Biden’s decision to include $ 5 billion for a community violence prevention program in a $ 2 trillion infrastructure package he revealed last week.

“With this investment in federal taxes, we have an unprecedented opportunity to build peace infrastructure to heal and disrupt the cycle of violence,” said the Community Alliance. Fundraising

Biden has a long history of dealing with gun laws, although his latest effort ended in a remarkable setback. After the shooting in Newtown, Conn., President Barack Obama asked his then vice president to push forward what he hoped would be the largest firearm limit since the Clinton administration. But after months of meetings and limited executive action, a bill requiring further background checks has died in the Senate floor.

The Senate is also less democratic now, 50-50 split, any bill would require at least 10 Republicans to vote against all Democrats, which is unlikely.

Igor Volsky, executive director of advocacy group Guns Down America, said he hopes Biden will disclose a comprehensive plan that includes executive action regulations, funding and strategies for legislation through Congress.

“The President is not only But working with the administration on gun violence, ”said Volsky,“ he promised to make a strong comprehensive plan to reduce gun violence. With the intensity that he has been given, we expect him to live up to his promise. ”

With reporting by Betsy Woodruff and Josh Gerstein.

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