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Biden’s Stimulus Proposal to Include Increased Child Benefits: Report

  • Elected President Joe Biden is expected to expand child interests in an economic relief package, the Washington Post reported.
  • Biden last year revealed a plan to expand the child tax credit.
  • Democrats support the expansion of child benefits to combat the high rate of child poverty in the United States.
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President-elect Joe Biden is expected to include increased child benefits in an economic relief package due to be released Thursday, sources told The Washington Post.

The report said Biden was likely to push a similar measure to his campaign proposal of giving $ 300 per month to households with children under 6 and $ 250 per month to households with children. Between 6-1


Last year, Biden offered to expand and increase the child tax credit to $ 3,000 per child for children ages 6-17 and to $ 3,600 for children under 6.

Biden’s website said the expansion would “It provides thousands of dollars in tax breaks for middle-class households” and “helps the hardest working families avoid poverty and gain more economic security”.

Marc Goldwein, head of policy at the committee for responsible federal budgets, said on Twitter on Thursday that five members of the household could receive $ 19,000 with Biden’s increased child tax credit.

Biden released this offer in September. Experts have told the insider that although the benefits are great for the working class But there is work to be done to ensure that the deserving family is not left out.

The economic relief program is expected to cost close to $ 1 trillion with child benefits, The Post reported.

Many Democratic lawmakers are advocating for expanding child tax benefits to combat the high child poverty rate in the United States.

Democrats approved an extension of the child tax credit last year. And Senator Michael Bennett of Colorado said in 2019 that he thinks “There is nothing else going to be at war with us as Americans except to let the children grow up in poverty.”

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