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Bill Maher now admits Russiagate was ‘mis-reported’ after years of pushing for Trump’s conspiracy narratives.

“Real-time” moderator Bill Maher offers a rare admission about the conspiracy of Russia that he himself promoted during President Trump’s term.

For years, like many other liberal news agencies and late-night comedians, Maher pushed for a conspiracy that Trump̵

7;s campaign was in bed with the Kremlin during the 2016 presidential race, despite declaring that Trump was in bed. President Trump is a “traitor.” What Maher perceived is Trump’s good treatment of Russia after election interference.


However, during Friday night’s debate, Maher talked about the “Russian Gate” while addressing Trump’s ally Rudy Giuliani’s FBI attack.

“It’s political payback, is this politics, or is it because something Giuliani and Trump did that never happened before? I would say,” said Maher.

Bill Maher

Liberal author Thomas Frank suggested that Giuliani’s raids were not. “Unprecedented” by referring to the Nixon administration and How do many people go to jail?

“But are they related to other countries?” Asked Maher. “I feel right. We play dirty politics. But we always have one rule: don’t keep bald people in your family doing what you do. But don’t bring in a man from Russia … look, we’ve found a lot of these, or we’ve found it wrongly reported. ”

“You mean Russia’s Gate?” Frank asked.

“Yes,” Maher exclaimed.

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The HBO star then shared his “theory” that Trump was All of the former president’s rhetoric and rhetoric about Russia is not as deep as he and many liberals believe.

“We thought it had to be more conspiracy, maybe it turned out to be really just what he did in public,” he continued. “Because it’s so crazy that he is. ‘Russia, if you listen to …’ and when he admitted that he had been fired. [FBI Director James] Comey, when I look back, I’m like ‘Wow, have we passed this already?’ ‘

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