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Billie Eilish’s British ‘Vogue’ Interview: Takeaways

Eilish spoke of the abuse and implied that she was the victim. “I don’t know a woman or woman who has no strange experience or a really bad experience,” she said.

Here are five things Eilish has shown in England. period.

How did she spend the whole year at home without planning?

Eilish and her brother Finneas in their dog company spent the plague years swimming, biking, fighting, eating tacos, bells and working in music in the basement.

She is very proud of the project: “I have grown a lot and have a much better voice,” Eilish noted of her work in Happier than everSet out on July 30th, “It̵

7;s crazy to think I think change is the best gift in the world.”

This is what ‘your power’ really is.

The first single from Happier than ever It was “Your Power,” released last week. Eilish shared the behind-the-scenes look at the song, explaining: “It’s an open letter to the people who take advantage – mostly men.”

“I want people to listen to me and not just try to figure out who I am talking about because it’s not about that,” Eilish said. “It’s not really about one person, you might think. ‘It’s because you’re in the music industry’ – no, my friend, it’s everywhere. ”

In that regard, Eilish admits, “I never understood why age is important. And of course you felt that way when you were young because you were the oldest you ever were. You feel like you are very mature and you know everything … People forget that you can grow up and realize that shit is interesting when you were young. ”

She was abused when she was young.

Discussions about the abuse were private for Eilish England. period The publisher said “Details are yours” but “it happened to Eilish when she was young”, the magazine pointed out that the culprit. “Not a person in the music industry”

“You can always be exploited,” Eilish said. “That’s a huge problem in the world of domestic abuse or legal rape – girls who are very confident and self-indulgent find themselves in situations they enjoy. ‘Oh my God, am I a victim here?’ And it’s shameful and shameful and terrifying to be in the position of thinking that you know so much and you know I’m being hurt right now. ”

Eilish speculates that some might question how she chooses to present herself now – “” You’re going to complain of being taken advantage of as a minor. But will you show your breasts or not? ” ‘- And there is this to say: “Yes, I’m Mom — er! I will go because there is no excuse. “

A ‘very satisfying’ scream can be heard on the new album.

Return to Eilish’s British music. period Feature had fun about her unheard of sophomore album, one ending with Eilish screaming.

“It was satisfying to scream,” Eilish explains, “because I was so angry. Those songs contained great anger – anger, disappointment and frustration. “

It’s a new era for Billie Eilish.

Eilish touched on the idea that “You really feel like who you are and really want to be at the moment.” In addition to the blonde hair and a new wardrobe, here’s a 2021 look at Billie, courtesy of the British. period: She gets up early, loves earth tones and soft tones, and she plans to put in more effort to socialize – after the epidemic, and when she can, it is absolutely safe.

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