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Billie Jean King Subtly Warns Naomi Osaka of ‘Responsibility’ to the media

Former tennis great and activist Billy Jean King warned media boycott superstar Naomi Osaka on Sunday that the player “There is a responsibility to make yourself available for the media.

Osaka, who qualified for the second round of the French Open, announced last week that she will not attend media interviews at the Grand Slam to help protect her mental health. She skipped the press conference after winning the first race. subject to a fine of $15,000 and may be suspended.

“I fully appreciate and respect what Naomi has done with her platform. So I was a little disappointed trying to learn from both sides of this situation.” King began recording the messages posted on Twitter before addressing the positive impact on the press. play tennis “In our day, without the media, no one would know who we were or what we were thinking. No doubt they helped shape and grow our sport to this day.”

“Now I admit that things Changed a lot on social media. And everyone can tell the truth right away,” continued King, a key figure of gender equality who founded the Women̵

7;s Tennis Association and won 39 grand slams. There is no doubt that the media must respect certain boundaries. but at the end It is important that we respect each other. and coexist in this matter.”

Twitter users seem torn on this. Some sided with King, while others accused her of being insensitive. Others applauded Osaka for taking the stand. Many have suggested that the young tennis player refused to answer questions she felt were inappropriate, and others said the media needed more responsibility.

Billy Jean King and Naomi Osaka


Billy Jean King and Naomi Osaka

Marie, sister of Osaka. Blame the tennis champion’s media for being partly silent for repeated questions. about the lack of success playing on the ground

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