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Biomutant developers say the upcoming patch will basically improve everything bad.

The strange world of Biomutant, beautiful scenery And the variety of battle options drew a lot of attention ahead of the launch – it sure looks awesome in the preview – but then it came out and… I didn’t have to leave a whole new Biomutant review here. Enough. To say that this game is disappointing. And developers are working on a big patch to deal with many complaints.

“We are working on an update for Biomutant which we hope to get in the hands of players soon,” the developer said in a tweet. “Most likely we will be able to push the update to the PC platform first and then to the console. The update will include bug fixes and changes based on community feedback.”

The list of issues the developers are looking for is, uh, ambitious to say the least. “We are working on timing the conversation. Narrator settings difficulty setting Video settings such as depth of field and motion blur Looting and customizing enemies as well as sounds and battles.”

I mean if you fix the fight Enemy tweaks, loot, and the pace of the Biomutant story might be pretty good – but it would be a fundamentally different game if those issues were ̵

6;fixed’ to the point where we might consider it ‘good’. will go that far but wait Perhaps the developers plan to apply this patch for months and years. (Of course, they spent a long time playing the game.)

Small tweaks to have new settings and gameplay tweaks will definitely improve the game. But Biomutant’s flaws are much deeper than that. If you’re struggling, check out our guide to the best Biomutant classes and species, find out how to craft a gun in the Biomutant, or dive into the Flush-Stool bathroom puzzle and the Fry-Sparker microwave puzzle location to ask. help Finding secrets in that vast open world

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