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BMW’s M3 and M4 do not require all-wheel drive.

Illustration for BMW's article M3 and M4, all-wheel drive is not required.

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Bayerische this summer Motoren Werke will keep moving forward in its search for speed with the M3 and M4 by adding all-wheel drive to its offerings. M3 Competition Sedan with M xDrive and The M4 Competition Coupé, with the M xDrive model, I don’t know who this is. When has a sports coupe ever benefited from adding two more drive wheels? In addition to being more sophisticated, the AWD system hinders the steering input, adding weight and increasing the price. This is not a rally car. But is a low-profile sports machine It doesn’t make sense

Despite the name of the competition But these cars weren’t built for any class and didn’t compete anywhere. Sure, there are race cars similar to the M4 GT4, but of course they don’t have all-wheel drive systems!

BMW confirmed that the M xDrive system “It allows the driver to experience the intoxicating interpretation of the distinctive M feature, reflected above all in even faster acceleration. ”The word salad boils down to the typical German language of” dynamic “which means that computer Something you don’t understand in order to make you feel faster.

When it comes to dynamism, here’s something straight from BMW’s no-nonsense counterfeit press release: “The improvements in the grip, stability, handling, agility and agility brought about by the M xDrive combination. And the Active M Differential also translates into superior running ability. ”What could that mean? Okay, the grip is definitely easy when the rear wheel is crushed by 503 horsepower and 479 lb-ft of torque, 3-liter turbocharged. The inline six, the front wheel kicks in and moves forward instead of the rubber smoke. I guess the stability controls mean that the car is easier to judge where it goes in the limit, as the front wheels can pull you through corners if you experience throttle overload. More mobility, even with extra weight? That i would love to see And we have already mentioned the vitality.

Either the M3 or M4 of this new model will drop out of share by 0.4 seconds. 0-60 times, now requires 3.5 seconds instead of 3.9 seconds, the average driver doesn’t notice the difference, and it doesn’t matter anyway. But I think that’s something.

The xDrive variant is indistinguishable from their RWD counterparts, using the same 19/20 inch wheel setup. There are three types to choose from. Settings for the AWD system make the AWD normal, the sportier AWD, which emphasizes the tracking and 2WD, which disconnects the front wheels if you choose. Why did you buy an AWD car and choose to put it in 2WD mode? It doesn’t make sense to me. That is no special point.

This ridiculous car will cost $ 77,895 for the M3 Competition Sedan with M xDrive, while The M4 Competition Coupé with the M xDrive costs $ 79,795.In any case, the AWD system will have a special price of over $ 4,100 from both standard Competition models reaching Bimmer dealers by August.

Next up is the Porsche 911 GT3 RS. With a track all-wheel drive system? God I hope not

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