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Boehner blamed Trump: he ‘incited bloody riots for nothing more than selfish reasons’

Former speaker John Bohner (R-Ohio) blaming the past President TrumpDonald Trump Yelp built a tool to help support Asia-owned businesses.Ships linked to Iranian espionage have been attacked in the Biden Sea, exceeding expectations for vaccines – so far more. For the deadly January 6 uprising at the US Capitol, he said he had incited crowds to commit violence for “selfish”

; political reasons.

“No matter what they do or don’t do, nothing compares to the low point of American democracy where we live in January 2021.” BohnerJohn Andrew Boehner, Five Ways a Fuzzy Senate Ruling Could Replace Washington’s MSNBC Host: The Boehner Followed Now GOP’s’ madness’ is’ too late. ‘Sean Hannity replied to former Speaker Boehner:’ What happened to all crying John? over Written in a new book to be published this month, excerpted from The New York Times.

The former speaker also wrote that Trump “incited a bloody uprising for no more than selfish reasoning by bullshit the nonsense he had been pitched since he lost the fair election last November. Come through “

Boehner said it was “painful” for him to watch what happened at City Hall on January 6 and what happened. “It should be a wake-up call for the Republican Party to become sensible.”

The former spokesperson wrote Trump’s refusal to accept the results of the 2020 presidential election.

“I will admit that I wasn’t prepared for what would happen after the election – Trump refused to accept the outcome and set the fire of a conspiracy that turned into violence in our democratic seat, which is the building where I am. Used to be president, ”Boehner wrote

In a statement, the Times said Trump called Boehner a RINO, which stands for “Republican in name only” – and said he was drunk when writing the book. In a parody of his audio book release earlier this year, the well-documented wine connoisseur Boehner posted a photograph of him drinking a Merlot while recording.

“Was he drinking when he made this statement?” Asked Trump, who did not drink. “It’s another RINO who can’t work!”

In an adapted article from his book published by Politico magazine on Friday, Boehner defended former President Obama from criticism that he did not work hard enough to reach a consensus with the Republicans during that time. He holds the position

“You found a cause with someone who thinks you are a secret Kenyan Muslim betrayer,” the former speaker asked.

Boehner also attacked a leading member of the Tea Party, whom he called “Legal terrorists” and Fox News to sell what he calls outrageous, misleading, and causing political divisions on the right.

“Some of the people involved didn’t surprise me at all,” Boehner said on Jan. 6 and the rhetoric that followed Republicans on electoral security and congressional uprising. The legal way I saw it while the speaker actually encouraged it. Terrorism “

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