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Bolton: Vaccine appears to be ‘breaking down’ during coronavirus outbreak with serious illness

NHS chief says vaccination appears to “Breaking the chain” between coronavirus infection and serious illness

Chris Hopson, chief executive of NHS Providers, said the number of hospital patients diagnosed with Covid-19 for the first time in India. Also known as Delta does not increase. “Very significant”

Many patients in the hospital in Bolton. which has the highest number of Indians in the UK Younger than in previous outbreaks, he told BBC Breakfast.

Those in the hospital infected with the coronavirus in Bolton Much ‘younger’ compared to the previous wave.

“The people who really came in this round and much younger and there is a much lower risk of serious complications. There is a lower risk of death. And that means they need less critical care,” he said.

“What we think can begin to be said now. from that experience Vaccines seem to have broken the chain during COVID-19 infection. and may be very sick and possibly fatal.

“Only a handful of people have had two jabs and were able to be defended after those jabs.”

During the latest pandemic Number of hospitalized patients in Bolton infected with COVID-19 It peaked at 50, compared with 170 in November and 150 in January and February. Mr Hopson said

“Infection rates are increasing in many areas,” he said.

“We know that hospital treatments are on the rise. The rates of hospitalization in those areas are also rising. But they didn’t increase that much.

Of the 12,431 confirmed cases in India in the UK as of now, 10,797 in England, 1,511 in Scotland, 97 in Wales and 26 in Northern Ireland.

In England, the infection spread across the country. And the most affected areas were Bolton in Greater Manchester (2,149), Blackburn and Darwen in Lancashire (724), Bedford (608). , Leicester (349), Manchester (278) and Birmingham (223).

Dr Adam Kucharski, an epidemiologist at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, said India’s transmission could see “a large number” of patients being hospitalized with the coronavirus.

Dr Adam, a member of the government’s advisory panel for Scientific Influenza Modeling (Spi-M), told BBC Radio 4’s Today program there were “a number of alarming signals” based on preliminary evidence. that the first dose doesn’t work with the delta variable vaccine.

He added: “I think especially the increase in signaling that would probably give us a lot of trouble.”

Dr Kurcharsky said that the current picture means It’s “hard to be certain” that “many people” won’t end up in the hospital. Due to the spread of variables in India and the number of unvaccinated adults in the UK.

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