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Bowling Green 20-year-old Sophomore Stone Foltz on how to save lives after a horrific incident.

A 20-year-old sophomore at Bowling Green State University is battling for his life after being found in “dire” conditions after an incident with brothers Stone Foltz was hospitalized early Friday after a friend. A classmate met him based on what one of his classmates described was an incident involving “death” and “insane” alcohol.

Just 24 hours later, Foltz’s family found themselves faced with the unthinkable: the start of the process of donating his organs.

“Please be respectful, considerate and love. Please do not post comments on the details of what you hear. Stone remains with us as we work towards donating his organs, hugging your children, and telling them every day how much you love them. ” Family lawyer

The 20-year-old attended an off-campus event for Pi Kappa Alpha International Fraternity̵

7;s BGSU chapter on Thursday night, where pledges were pressured to consume “heavy” alcohol, according to the family’s attorney, Sean Alto.

One Bowling Green student who spoke with news agency WTOL 11 about the condition of anonymity said the pledge was ordered to drink. “A bottle of alcohol” given to them and “Complete it all while we were there before we left.”

The alcohol handle holds almost 40 shots.

“It’s so crazy for me they can let this ruthless drinking and neglect go on. I think it’s unbelievable to me that they are trying to hide behind this organization, ”the student said.

The university said it was aware of “The alleged activities of alcohol consumption are related to alcohol consumption” in off-campus events and “The brothers are placed on hold while we work with local law enforcement.”

The Brotherhood has issued a statement that “Horror and hurt” from the horrific events.

“The Brotherhood has a policy not to tolerate any illegal activities, substance abuse, bullying, and bullying. Again, in its clearest sense: We refuse to defend or condone any behavior that constitutes a lawful act. It creates a dangerous environment or situation for our members or the large university community in any of our more than 200 chapters in the United States and abroad, ”the statement said.

Brotherhood said it was cooperating with the investigation and has suspended chapters related to the incident. Bowling Green Police confirmed that an investigation is pending. But did not give further details.

Foltz graduated from Buckeye Valley High School in Ohio in 2019 and is said to be involved in a number of sports.

Sadly, he received life support just months after a law meant a slowdown in hacking to halt in the Ohio Senate.

“It happened year after year. It happened a long time ago, and these young men in these fraternity who were empowered to rein in, they didn’t seem to understand that what they were doing was wrong, ”Alto is quoted by WTOL 11,“ causing serious, life-threatening harm. And died And they don’t seem to understand And you know, one of the things I hope is that this year the Ohio legislature (could) pass Collin’s law, which was introduced last year. But can’t do it “

As for Foltz Alto’s family, “Now they focus on their son. I expect them to spend hours a day every day. ”

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