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Boxer Felix Verdejo has been charged with the gruesome death of his pregnant girlfriend.

LAS VEGAS, NV - July 16: In this handout photo provided by Top Ranker Felix Verdejo interviewed after defeating Wilmadera (pictured) during a light match. At the MGM Grand Conference Center Grand Ballroom on July 16, 2020 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Mikey Williams / Top Ranking via Getty Images)

Felix Verdejo is to blame for the gruesome death of his pregnant lover. (Mikey Williams / Top Rank via Getty Images)

Lightweight boxer Felix Verdejo has been charged with kidnapping his pregnant lover, the death of officials, officials announced on Sunday night.

Verdejo turned into a federal agent in San Juan after the body of Keishla Rodriguez, 27, was found in Lake Puerto Rico. Rodriguez was reported missing two days before her body was discovered on U.S. territory.

The US prosecutor’s office announced late Sunday that Verdejo was charged with kidnapping and kidnapping, resulting in the death and intent of murdering an unborn child, according to the Associated Press.

The gruesome accusation against Verdejo.

The FBI complaint accused Verdejo of kidnapping Rodriguez, punching her in the face and injecting a syringe with an anonymous substance bought at a public building. Verdejo then tied her hands and feet. She, with a large wire, tied her to a heavy block, and threw her over a bridge into the lagoon at 8:30 AM Thursday, according to the complaint. Authorities say Verdjo fired several shots at her body.

According to the FBI complaint, the person claiming to be an accomplice had contacted them. The person said that Verdejo asked to “help him end the pregnancy”. The person said he helped Verdejo tie Rodriguez and threw her over a bridge.

Rodriguez’s body was found on Saturday and identified on Sunday through dental records.

Rodriguez’s mother said Verdujo had threatened her.

Rodriguez’s mother, Keila Ortiz, told reporters she last heard from her daughter on Thursday when she was on her way to meet Verdejo at home to show him the results of the pregnancy test.Verdejo, 27, is married to another woman and has a daughter. One person

Verdejo, 27, has known Rodriguez since middle school and has maintained a relationship with her, according to Rodriguez’s parents.Her mother told reporters that he warned her not to have children.

“I told her ‘careful’ because he threatened her not to have children, he had a family, he was a boxer and a public figure,” Ortiz told reporters.

Rodriguez was reported missing when she did not enter the pet care business on Thursday.

Local officials said Verdecho was a person of interest on Friday as it remained a missing person. He was not cooperating with the San Juan Criminal Investigative Corps, according to local El Nuevo Día. The FBI got involved when the case turned into a reported kidnapping investigation.

Verdego turned into an officer hours after Rodriguez’s body was found on Sunday.

Verdejo holds a professional record 27-2 with 17 knockouts.He signed for the top spot after competing for Puerto Rico at the 2012 Olympics, where he advanced to the quarter-finals.

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