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Bravo will film Jen Shah’s legal drama following fraud arrest.

Jen Shah may face jail – but her drama “Real Housewives of Salt Lake City” isn’t over anytime soon.

The oligarch at Bravo is planning federal fraud and the money laundering charges she faces are a key part of the second season of the reality show, which includes exclusive footage of the arrest of a custodian businesswoman. The source told Page Six.

“Bravo knows that the audience is following every detail of the case and will continue to do so as it goes, so the producers plan to follow closely and use whatever footage they can get. Cars are made according to the law, ”said an insider.

“So far they have filmed the lead and aftermath of Jane̵

7;s arrest, including her reaction.”

The Shah has $ 1 million in bonds and will likely have the freedom to perform, which Bravo executives see as an opportunity for a big rating they don’t want to waste.

“It is difficult for Bravo to have a popular game like ‘RHOSLC’ on hand right away, and the team hopes to continue when production for Season 2 begins.

“Now, news of Jane’s arrest, they are confident they will be more successful than they had imagined, especially since Jane hopes to continue filming if Bravo and her attorneys allow it. However, she can say a lot. But it is still a continuation. “

Shah, 47, and her aide, Stuart Smith, were arrested last week for allegedly defrauding elderly victims in telemarketing scams dating back to 2012 and more recently. This was done in late March 2021, as the scam skipped across six states.

Shah and Smith both pleaded guilty to all of the allegations and their sentencing is due in October.

“Housewives” producer Andy Cohen spoke about Shah’s arrest on Monday, saying on radio that he “hoped and prayed that it would not be possible. There will be none at all. “

Meanwhile, Shah broke her silence over the weekend on social media, writing, “Thank you for being loyal, believing in me and not believing in advertising. This journey shows me who my true friends are. You are my everything. “

Bravo’s representatives declined to comment.

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