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Brazil coronavirus: 4,000 deaths per day, while Bolsonaro denies criticism of him. ‘Genocide’

Brazil broke the previous daily record with 4,195 COVID-19 deaths, data from the Department of Health on Tuesday showed the highest number of deaths in the world in that 24 hours, according to John’s University. Hopkins The new numbers have driven Brazil to nearly 337,000 deaths from the epidemic.

In addition, nearly 87,000 new Covid-19 cases were reported nationwide, increasing the total number of cases to 13,100,580, according to the Ministry of Health.

Bolsonaro, who continues to ignore the seriousness of his country’s health crisis, has dispelled claims he is to blame for the growing number of deaths. The president has repeatedly opposed the lock-out and draconian measures and criticized the governor and mayor with blasphemous language for doing so.

“They call me homophobic, racist, fascist, torturer, and now … Now I am … a man who kills a lot of genocide, now I am genocide,”

; he said to the people. support Outside the presidential palace in Brasilia on Tuesday evening, according to a video posted on YouTube.

Several of Bolsonaro’s political opponents have accused him of “Genocide,” using the term loosely to characterize the subsequent nature of his Covid-19 response.

“I’m not to blame for it here in Brazil,” Bolsonaro asked for rhetoric in the video.

Brazilian leaders seem to hint that the outbreak is a media artifact that can be remedied by providing government subsidies to organizations.

“I was able to solve the problem with the virus in minutes. I just had to pay the former globo government money to FALHA. [de São Paulo], State of Sao Paulo, ”he said, referring to broadcasters nationwide and two São Paulo newspapers.. “Right now, that money is not for the press. But money is something else “

And he disagreed with his stance on the restrictions, saying he disagreed with proponents of social exclusion and argued – inaccurate – that states imposing tighter restrictions were experiencing stricter rates. Higher deaths

“Which state is the most blocked, São Paulo, which state has the most deaths, proportionally, São Paulo,” he said unfairly.

Although Sao Paulo has the highest death toll, of course. But it is also ranked 10th in per capita deaths.

About a third of the deaths reported Tuesday were in São Paulo, where 1,389 people died in 24 hours, government data showed, the highest number of deaths in one day in all states. Brazil

That happened even though the state imposed more stringent measures last month, including shutting down businesses directly related to the public, such as shops, restaurants and bars.

Bolsonaro also said the lockout would be counterproductive as people would be at a greater risk of contracting the virus.

“I have seen recent research that people with a healthy lifestyle are eight times less likely to have a problem with COVID,” he said. They haven’t gained a bit of weight from last year to this year. ”

“Even though my pregnancy has grown a little,” he joked.

The Brazilian governor calls Bolsonaro a  The 'psychopathic leader' made an 'incredible mistake' in COVID-19

The daily record count comes as hospitals and intensive care units (ICUs) in some cities are transforming patients and as the nation’s entire health system is collapsing. Brazil is grappling with new strains, which some scientists believe are more contagious. Younger people appeared to be more seriously ill during the early stages of the epidemic, although it is unclear which variables played a role in that trend.

As of late on Tuesday, 23 of the 27 Brazilian federations reported 80% or more of ICU occupancy rates, 15 of whom had collapsed or near collapse, with more than 90% of ICU occupancy Mato Grosso do Sul. Capacity has been exceeded, while only four states have less than 80% of the occupancy.

The Brazilian vaccine launch program has also been delayed by the delay.

On Tuesday, Bolsonaro expressed interest in getting Russia’s Sputnik V Covid-19 vaccine during a phone conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Bolsonaro added that the first shot must be received. Domestic approval

“We are finalizing our communication with each other. [health] “They are said to have authorities, including Anvisa, on how to import this vaccine effectively,” Bolsonaro said, referring to the Brazilian health regulator.

The number of cases of COVID-19 worldwide rose for the sixth week in a row, according to the World Health Organization’s weekly epidemiological update on Tuesday. Brazil, the United States, Turkey, France and India reported the highest number of cases.

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