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Brazilian COVID patients tied to bed and ventilated without sedation

Doctors in Brazil, severely affected, have turned to tying COVID-19 patients to hospital beds before using a ventilator down to their throats as they no longer have enough sedatives. “I never thought I would have to live like this after 20 years working in intensive care,” Aureo do Carmo Filho told Reuters. .. the patient is sent to a form of torture “

In hospitals where they still have sedatives, public health workers have resorted to dilution to make things go further, or use muscle relaxants to calm patients while intubation. Woke up without sedation, and they surfaced, tied their hands to the bed and begging them not to die, ”said one nurse.

The horrendous recruitment stems from Doctors Without Borders, who named Brazil̵

7;s response to the epidemic a “Humanitarian disasters” are likely to worsen in the coming weeks. “I have to be clear on this, the negligence of the Brazilian authorities has led to the deaths,” said Christos Christou, MSF international president of MSF. Thursday after Brazil’s death toll rose to 362,000.

MSF Director General Meinie Nicolai blamed Brazil’s right-wing leader Jair Bolsonaro, who, like former US President Donald Trump, overlooked the epidemic and his own rivalry with COVID-19. Many people take serious risks without believing the virus is dangerous. Or a contagious disease as science proves

“There was no coordination in the response. There was no real acknowledgment of the severity of the disease. Science is inactive Fake news was published and healthcare workers were left to own, ”Nicolai said.“ The government is failing the Brazilian people. All Brazilians can tell you that they have people around them who have been implanted or intubated in a drug-free and oxygen-free facility. That is unacceptable. “

The shortage of pharmaceuticals, coupled with the resistance of government officials to realize the severity of the problem, the first identified P1 variant in Brazil has raised international concerns and is now thought to be mutated. France blocks all flights from other countries and is advising on all travel except those required for South American countries.

The lack of appropriate medical supplies is now coupled with the introduction of a vaccine made up of both rejection and corruption, just 12 percent of the Brazilian population receiving China’s first Coronavac vaccine, which Chinese officials have just accepted. That doesn’t work much in stopping people from becoming seriously ill.

Earlier this week, federal prosecutors in the Brazilian state of Roraima opened an investigation after reports that fraudulent health workers were exchanging Chinese vaccines in less-than-effective doses, much of what was on offer. In the country by illegal gold mining, supporters of indigenous tribes who own gold miners say health officials are vaccinating secret miners in the dark, according to Reuters, ”Yanomami has long complained. It is then that materials and drugs intended for indigenous health are being shifted to ferocious miners, ”the local leader said in a letter disclosed by Reuters.

More Brazilians die every day than anywhere else in the world, with 3,560 deaths on Thursday alone. Brazil’s health ministry is currently in talks with Spain and other countries to try to provide essential supplies to the overcrowded hospitals. Bolsonaro, meanwhile, continues to fight with regional governments trying to issue masks or block measures.

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