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BREAKING: Super Nintendo World Grand Opening Postponed until Emergency

Due to the emergency expansion to the Kansai area, including Osaka, Universal Studios Japan decided to postpone the massive launch of Super Nintendo World, originally scheduled for February 4th.


Earlier, Super Nintendo World was slated to open on February 4, earlier it was announced a state of emergency last Friday through February 7 at least to cover the Tokyo area, including Chiba, where. Set of Tokyo Disney Resort Both Tokyo Disney Resort and Universal Studios Japan announced they would limit their capacity to 5,000 per day during an emergency.

In addition, the emergency will expire on February 7 in Osaka now. Universal Studios Japan said it would announce a new launch date when the emergency situation was lifted.

There are tons of details to choose from in the meantime, including a 1

5-minute sightseeing tour of Shigeru Miyamoto, an exciting popcorn bucket, a menu for Yoshi Island desserts, and even a big one!

Although this is disappointing news. But in the best interest of the safety of the guests and crew members at the park, we can only hope that the COVID-19 situation in Japan will improve so that Super Nintendo World opens safely as quickly as possible.

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