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Breath of the Wild fans are trying to get on Sidon as quickly as possible.

Every month, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild speedruns get a little stranger. In this case, today we have a new category of play called “mount%” where runners try to ride every animal in the game. Which includes standard creatures such as horses, but it with Plus everyone’s favorite shark, Sidon. After all, you ride Sidon during a wide-world adventure, so technically he’s qualified here too.

This hilarious idea was developed by the speedy talent Joedun who previously made headlines for things like achieving BOTW at 100% without zero damage.In an email, Joedun explained that it was initially right. Seeing it as the only challenge, Sidon popped into his head while proceeding without damage. But, he said, it soon became clear that the only way to formalize the speedrun category recognized by the community was to impose certain rules. It wasn̵

7;t long before he decided to combine all kinds of vehicles just to make things more interesting.

The interesting thing about this speedrun category is that as of this writing, it is the only thing that requires fans to do something with the Lord of the Mountain.The ethereal snow-white mountain will appear in a specific state. So much only – once on the day that the crescent moon is waxing. To do this job, Joedun had to figure out what was going on under the hood. It can appear at any time within 24 hours in the game, and only if you’re not in the entire Satori mountain area, Joedun said.

“It turns out that the amount of time it spawns is also random,” he said, which is why sometimes players will see a horse almost as soon as they see it. It is also The biggest “pain in the ass” during a run, for the real reason, he says in the video.

As an added bonus, the launch of the run to the public will be credited with friendly competition. Anyone who gets a% quickest mount time by May 6 will receive a $ 100 reward, although second and third places will receive cash for their issues. Better yet, the announcement video breaks the current route developed by fast runners for this category, meaning anyone who does this will not start over. Of course, this includes a whole section devoted to the Sidon ride, which is a must-see attraction.

So far, Joedun can finish running in an hour – but hopefully others can get rid of that time soon enough.

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