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Breath of the Wild players making a speedrun baking bread

beat The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild As soon as you can? Boring – We’ve seen speedruns before, now the Speedy Gonzaleses compete internally. BOTW Are trying to run more obscure and strange, such as a run where you see how quickly you get home and die, or a race to a wedding. But the hottest speedruns of late had to be% bread, a silly category that has seen a handful of new submissions for the leaderboard in mid-January.

The goal is simple: find ingredients to make a loaf of bread and cook. According to tradition in all categories BOTW speedrun Achieving this feat involves cutting through parts of the map, using a whistle mechanism to move faster, and of course, shirtless links. The current highest rated watch is at 1

9: 44: 700, which is the time speedrunner Xeryph was held in the video above.You can watch it as Link shield roam the icy plains to gather the power it needs to get out of the area. The initial Great Plateau had lots of “bounce-time bullets” that Link used to get huge air through the bogoblin, along with the trick to retrieve the weapon as it fell to reduce the damage.

Link then shot himself to another part of the map near Tabantha Frontier, where he immediately started mowing. The goal is to find wheat, which drops randomly – apparently this part of jokey speedrun could be improved, as Xeryph notes in the YouTube description that RNG wheat is “bad”.

It’s not clear whether this speedrun type will have legs in the long run. But for now, I’m just grateful for our attention to the underrated cooking portion of Breath of the WildXeryph also holds the highest record for raking in the lake category and is the world’s number one for quick link kills.

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