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Brexit Brits are crazy about ‘Senile’ Biden after he wade into Boris Johnson’s sausage war.

A few days after the US elections old clip of joe Biden also spread in the UK. As people ponder what the end of the Trump era will mean for British-American relations, “Mr. Biden, a short word for the BBC,” said the soft-spoken journalist, “BBC?” Biden. asked before answering with a sly smile, “I’m Irish”

For most viewers in the UK How was this viewed—Biden’s humorous way of dispelling journalists he didn’t want to talk to? But to Brexit pro-Brexit groups, many of whom have sworn allegiance to Donald Trump, it is seen as a serious national insult. and the words of a new president who had little intention of putting Britain above other allies.

on thursday The first day of the G7 summit in England, Biden is making his first international trip as president. Their worst fear was born. time London̵

7;s Biden reportedly ordered his high-ranking diplomats to dress up as British Prime Minister Boris Johnson for “flame” tensions in Northern Ireland over post-Brexit trading needs.

According to the report, Yael Lempert, America’s most important diplomat in Britain. has formally condemned the ambassador to one of Johnson’s ministers in which she performed. Biden’s personal “extreme concern” about the prime minister’s trade threat A note from the meeting said that Lempert “read her instructions slowly and seriously. [from Biden] loud”

Conflicts are technical. But one that dominates coverage of the G7 Summit because of its impact on a key element of the artery-clogging British breakfast: sausage.

The UK and the EU found it impossible to agree on how to enforce trade rules for goods crossing from the British mainland into Northern Ireland. If the dead end continues next month British sausages may be illegal to enter Northern Ireland. EU trade rules remain in effect to prevent the creation of a strict Irish border.

EU food safety regulations do not allow chilled meat products to enter the market from non-members such as the United Kingdom. But Johnson has threatened to ignore those rules and continue importing British beef tubes. The EU argues it could undermine a carefully balanced Brexit deal designed to protect peace in Northern Ireland. And it appears Biden has sided with Ireland and the EU with Johnson and the UK.

Biden’s apparent decision to wade into what became known as The Sausage War has infuriated Brexit-loving Britons.

An anonymous MP from Johnson’s Conservative Party incited an attack on Biden on Thursday, saying politics: “America should remember who their allies are… Unfortunately [Biden is] So old that he probably doesn’t remember what we told him. unless the assistant listens I’m not sure he’ll remember that long.”

Nigel Farage, a man who once spearheaded the Brexit movement but is now downsized to hawking competitively priced Cameo videos celebrating the birthday of a middle-aged British white man, wrote on Twitter: “ Now we have a US president. that is anti-British in the White House. I hope all those who condemn Trump will see their stupidity.”

Johnson is one of the few world leaders who has a strong relationship with Trump. which praised the Prime Minister’s success in leading the Brexit campaign in 2016.

The White House attempted an armistice Thursday ahead of a bilateral meeting between Johnson and Biden.

An anonymous Biden chief executive reportedly said private conversations about Northern Ireland were reported by Times “It was not ordered by the president” and denied that it was a talk that “Intensified” “Like other alliances We have diplomatic conversations about areas where we have concerns at various levels,” an unnamed official told Politico.

There were also less significant glitches at Thursday’s Johnson/Biden meeting. When plans to host talks on the iconic Mount St. Michael’s island Expected to be abandoned due to trash weather

Leaders have provided other options within the building.

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