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Brian Hoyer visited the Jets as a potential veteran.

Now that the Jets are locked into drafting a new young defender, they’re trying to figure out who his veteran substitute will be.

Brian Hoyer, who has played for seven teams over 12 seasons, is visiting the Jets on Wednesday, according to a source.Hoyer, 35, played for the Patriots last season, starting one game.

Hoyer is familiar with the Jets’ new offense. He played for the Browns in 2014 when Kyle Shanahan was offensive coordinator and Jets offensive coordinator Mike LaFleur was an intern. He also started six games in the 2017 49ers, with Shanahan as head coach and LaFleur as game coordinator. The Jets ‘coach Robert Saleh was the 49ers’ defensive coordinator and saw Hoyer close to Hoyer going 0-6 that season in San Francisco before Jimmy Garoppolo entered. come

A backup defender is a must for the Jets. After trading Sam Darnold on Monday Jets, only James Morgan and Mike White were in the position. Having never played an NFL game before, The Jets are expected to draft BYU defender Zach Wilson with an overall No. 2 pick in three weeks at the 2021

NFL Draft.They must find a veteran to backup and mentor Wilson.

Brian Hoyer is visiting the Jets.
Brian Hoyer is visiting the Jets.
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Hoyer has played for Patriots, Cardinals, Browns, Texans, Bears, 49ers and the Colts during his career, mostly as a substitute. He has started 39 games and is a 16-23 starter.

The jets have had backup problems in the past few years. They have not won games at the back-up since 2016, when Bryce Petty won the game in San Francisco, they were 0-15 since, with an initial backup, Joe Flacco has served as a character. A substitute for Darnold last season lost four matches, Flacco signed for the Eagles as free agent this offseason.

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