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Britain banned travel from Latin America, Portugal, citing concerns about the Brazilian variant.

Britain said on Thursday it would ban travelers from Latin America and Portugal over fears the coronavirus strain would be discovered in Brazil.

In recent weeks, British authorities have been working to control the spread of the coronavirus strains discovered in the UK that are more contagious than previous generations.

At the moment, at least two strains of the coronavirus are spreading in Brazil, and at least one has escaped to Japan.

Japanese authorities found one of the breeds in four people traveling from Brazil earlier this week. The variant has a mutation linked to higher contagion, similar to the variant found in the UK and another in South Africa.

As with the variant found in South Africa, products exported from Brazil to Japan also contain mutations that may impair the effectiveness of the vaccine. The same mutation has also been identified in other newly discovered corona virus strains in Brazil.

However, experts warn it will be extremely difficult for the new coronavirus to completely evade vaccines.

The British ban came into effect Friday at 4am. “Travel from Portugal to the UK will be suspended due to strong travel links with Brazil,” Chapp added, though the driver. Freight carrying essential goods from Portugal will be exempt

Britain has already banned flights from South Africa. Brazil bans flights from Britain for Christmas

British authorities have been criticized by opposition lawmakers for delaying their ban on leaving Latin America. But they argued that taking the measure would take time and that tourists from these countries were subject to 10 days of quarantine upon arrival.

“What we have to be sure of is when we make these very important decisions that have a huge impact on people’s personal lives. But including business, we need a bit of time, ”Home Minister Victoria Atkins said on Sky News.

In the past week, Britain faced its deadliest date since the outbreak, and health authorities warned that the country’s health care system was on the verge of collapse. Officials warned they could tighten national restrictions if people are away from home.

The UK has reported nearly 85,000 deaths, the heaviest in Europe.

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