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British police think they’re raiding a cannabis farm They found a Bitcoin mine.

The plant stole thousands of pounds worth of electricity from the main supply. According to a West Midlands police statement released Thursday.

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“Officers were forced to enter the facility in Great Bridge Industrial Estate, Sandwell on May 18, receiving intelligence information that said it was being used as a cannabis farm,” the statement said.

“Lots of people visit the unit at different times of the day, seeing lots of wires and vents. and a police drone picked up a large number of heat sources from above,” the statement added.

Although the police describe these as “Classic cannabis plant signs,” but officials found “A large bank with around 100 computers, part of what is understood to be Bitcoin mining.”

Police seized the IT equipment and said an investigation with electricity supplier Western Power revealed that the power supply It was bypassed and thousands of pounds’ worth were stolen to be used as a ‘mine’.

“It’s definitely not what we expected,” Sandwell Police Sergeant Jennifer Griffin said.

“It has all the features of a cannabis cultivation setup. And I believe it is only the second crypto mine we have found in the West Midlands,” Griffin added.

“My understanding is that mining for crypto is not illegal. It is a clear separation of electricity from mains to power,” he said.

There were no arrests on site and no one was at the unit at the time of the arrest warrant. But there will be an investigation with the owner of the unit, the statement also read.

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