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British teacher accidentally delivers a poem about sex in class

A British teacher sued her parents when she accidentally sent a video to her class about reading a poem for children, which gave a harmless prose about incest.

The unnamed teacher at Ings Primary School in East Yorkshire intends to submit a video of her fifth and sixth grade student Michael Rosen, reading a poem of his title. “The Car Trip,” The Sun reported on Thursday.

Instead, she sent a terrible parody to a class called “The Horrible Car Trip,” which extends the video to the incest.

“Teachers have to review what they send their children, not just being lazy, and post random links that they haven’t reviewed,”

; said a father who listened to the video with his daughter.

“I first heard the poem halfway while I was working, and she was sitting next to me and was struggling to answer questions,” he said, “so I had to listen to the poem correctly and realize that something was terribly wrong with her. I am listening and closing the video “

He said the video had been more than an hour before it was pulled.

Teachers send videos through Google Classroom while teaching students ages 9 and 10 remotely due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Popular child writer Rosen wrote “The Car Trip,” about siblings arguing in the back of their family’s car during a trip with their mother. But the innocent story turns out to be a boring parody in the educated video.

A red-faced school officer was forced to apologize to the angry parents.

“This poem was uploaded in error and we truly apologize for the mistake,” said school director Kath Roe in the message. “We thank the parents for contacting us immediately after noticing the mistake.”

“There has been a change in the upload process and we will make sure that the content shared with our students is thoroughly reviewed by our teaching,” she wrote.

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