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Britney Spears to get the COVID-19 vaccine

Elizabeth Goodenough / courtesy Everett Collection

And now you know Britney is officially getting the COVID-1

9 vaccine. She also shares her experience with us.

@britneyspears / on Twitter: @britneyspears

“I received the COVID vaccine 😳💉….” Britney said in a tweet referring to the “COVID” vaccine. Borat (Yes, BoratAnd it also included a video of her explaining how she felt: “A great success 😂 …. High-five 🖐🏻 !!!!!! “

“People on the internet say it’s really bad – it’s like a bullet through your arm,” she said in the video, before adding that. “It’s nothing, I don’t feel anything.”

“I’m fine and I wish I was fine,” she added, before quoting. Borat Again: “High five!”

As the vaccine itself, the COVID-19 vaccine was not felt. “Bullet through your arm.” It’s good that Britney was vaccinated.

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