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Bucks vs. Heat: One Khris Middleton pick-and-roll Shows how Milwaukee is separating Miami.

What made the difference in the year After being embarrassed by the Heat in the second round of the playoffs last season, the Bucks became the man who made their opponents look foolish. on thursday night They performed impressively from start to finish, beating the Heat 113-84 to take them 3-0 in the series.

You might think of a long list. of what has changed for each team And even the location of the game is different because we are now outside the bubble environment. However, most of the main characters are the same. Which is why those who thought the Bucks would win the series. At least it should be challenging.

So far, however, the Bucks are making things look easy, especially since Game 1

. Their defense has been excellent, holding the Heat under 100 in control over all three games. The game handicap isn’t the best defensive indicator, though. But that’s a pretty remarkable achievement in the NBA today and a clear indication of how strong they are on that ball.

You have to score points to take advantage of those stops. And that’s where the Bucks really stepped up. Compared to last season, in 2020, the Bucks’ offensive rating in the series against the Heat was 106.6, through the first three games of the series, 114.2.

one key But maybe ignore the reason? Milwaukee did a very good job of chasing mismatches and exploiting the Heat’s weaker defenders, often due to forcing switches in pick-and-roll. But it was from pushing the ball quickly onto the pitch before Heat could match and defend. Or just head straight to the iso-ball with Kendrick Nunn, Tyler Herro and Duncan Robinson.

“That’s what the NBA is all about, isn’t it?” said PJ Tucker. Create opportunities that you feel advantageous. that’s what it is It’s about TAT, who’s in the game, it puts us in a position to have the best chance of scoring, fouls, I mean, that’s what the playoffs are. It’s chess.”

Bucks dominate the board and Game 3 is no exception. Here’s an overview of their well-performing second-quarter end-of-the-quarter performance, showing an example of how they created their advantage and picked the heat apart.

Jrue Holiday kicks ahead of Khris Middleton with a shot and dribbling ability. He’s the best choice for the Bucks’ mismatched attack, and he’s been very successful in the series. But Middleton waved him away and waited for the center ball from Giannis Antetokumpo.

The Bucks knew Heat was going to change this. And when that happens, Middleton has Bam Adebayo head-to-head at the top of the Keys instead of Jimmy Butler, while Adebayo is a great defender. Asking him to be in front of the wing like Middleton 25 feet from the basket was a lot. and after a few quick dribbles Middleton then cooks for him and prepares the plan.

For the most part, it’s pretty basic. The Bucks forced a change. Get one of their best goalscorers in better matches. and score layup But that’s not the only reason Middleton gets to the edge so easily. Now look what happened on the weak side.

Brooke Lopez was bowing his head instinctively. But Holiday scores and tells him to stand in the corner. It might be a little counterintuitive to have a 7ft center point while a 6ft 3 guard hits Dunker’s point, but Holiday is thinking a few steps ahead.

Holiday tells Lopez where to go.

After Middleton overtook Adebayo He had no resistance on the edge of the line. Why is that? As Trevor Ariza is stuck on the corner of Lopez Street, while Goran Dragic is in the block guarding Holiday, if Lopez and Holiday switch locations. Middleton would have had Ariza meet him at the side of the road, but Dragic was in a position to help with the drawing. And he didn’t even try.

Dragic cannot provide any edge protection.

This is just a one time play. But it’s a clear illustration of how the Bucks have adapted their offensive approach to make them more playoff-friendly and are reaping the benefits. It’s also a good reminder that controlling the defensive line makes things easier, not just who has the ball in hand.

“Overall, we just read the game as a group,” Middleton said. “We are aware of what we have to do, what will work and what won’t.”

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