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Buffalo Bill extends Micah Hyde safety contract until 2023.

BUFFALO, NY – Buffalo Bill and Safety Micah Hyde have agreed to a two-year contract extension, the team announced on Friday, keeping him in Buffalo until the 2023 season.

The two-year extension was valued at $ 19.25 million, the NFL Network reported.

Pro Bowler in 201

7, Hyde was one of the Bills’ defensive leaders and one of the league’s top safety partners, alongside Jordan Poyer.

Hyde was set to become a free agent after the 2021 season.Now he, Poyer and corner player Tre’Davious White have signed at least the 2022 season.

Since joining the Bills from the Green Bay Packers in 2017, Hyde has been the Bills’ third top tackles with a total of 282 tackles and is third with nine tackles and 25 defenses.He finished with 70 tackles. Times and interceptions in 2020

GM Brandon Beane’s bill had speculated an extension at his season-ending press conference announcing that he was a Hyde fan club.

“This year I didn’t see Micah going down at all, so I can’t say I thought he was going down or anything like that,” Beane said. He presented not only in the stadium but also in our building, you guys feel that I am one of the best personalities around and just a very competitive man. Feel that when you are talking to him in an interview, he may not feel compelled to compete in one-on-one conversations

“But when he’s on that pitch, he’s one of the most competitive people and that’s what you love about him, I think he’ll still play in this league for years if he wants to.”

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