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Building collapse scares out residents of Miami Beach condominiums, warns of ‘structure unsafe’

Surfside, Florida – After the latest tragedy on the surfside Some residents of an oceanfront apartment in South Florida sought information about the structural integrity of their condominiums. Residents of the Collins Avenue building with advance warning in Miami Beach said they were shocked by what they found.

The fear started after Champlain Towers South at 8777 Collins Ave. became the center of heartbreak and sorrow Thursday morning. Some residents of the northern and eastern Champlain Towers decided to evacuate.

on monday Several residents at the Maison Grande Condominium, an 1

8-story, 502-unit building, said they were concerned about the safety of the 1971 building at 6039 Collins Ave. in Miami Beach. loosening of concrete

Records indicate that five inspections were carried out indicating that the building was The “unsafe structure” envelopes the building is one of the concerns. There’s also a warning that a two-story garage and pool deck are included. “It has expired and needs to be repaired, replaced” or “combined”.


On Nov. 19, 2020, city officials wrote: “Structures with concrete slipping evidence A report signed and sealed by [an] Engineers assessed the structure and how to repair it.” Near the entrance, a breach was alerted “Unsafe Structures” in red on December 28, 2020.

Residents of the Collins Avenue building are worried about maintenance issues.
Residents of the Collins Avenue building are worried about maintenance issues.

last wednesday People trust Champlain Towers South to be safe enough to sleep in. The northern section of the 12-storey L-shaped building collapsed shortly before 2am on Thursday. Residents of nearby buildings said they woke up to a loud noise. Some people said their windows were shaking and there was huge white dust.

Fire rescuers moved to evacuate the trapped survivors who waited on the balcony to climb to pick the cherries. Survivors said it was a painfully slow process. An army of hard-hatted rescuers moved in. The dog began to smell the scattered ruins. Specialists from Israeli and Argentine territories arrived.


Search and rescue teams are still digging tunnels through the tiny pancake-shaped mountain. Hope to see a survivor on Monday. They take turns searching day and night while facing sporadic rain and spontaneous fire. The team uses cranes to remove dangerous metal and concrete. The staff has a warehouse.

The death toll increased While no one counted 150, and while the world wondered how this could happen in Florida. where hurricanes have forced officials to increase structural standards A troublesome 2018 report also emerged. It showed that engineers had reported structural damage at Champlain Towers South. Property owners are preparing to take part in the project at more than $9 million.

Officials say the 1981 building is in the process of being re-certified. This is required every 40 years and involves inspections of all parts of the residential property. Survivors have filed a lawsuit against the Champlain Towers South Condominium Association, alleging negligence when the lack of maintenance led to the deterioration they claimed caused the collapse.


“It’s sad and people ask me, ‘Where are you going? Where are you going?’ I certainly don’t have a beachfront condo, it’s done,” said Steve Rosenthal, a survivor of Unit 705, which filed a lawsuit against the Champlain Tower South Association.

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Governor Ron DeSantis said it would take time to determine exactly what caused the tragedy. Engineers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology are collecting preliminary data to advise whether a federal investigation is needed into the cause of the collapse.


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Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz said the findings of the NIST investigation and other investigations could allow federal and state lawmakers to make changes to prevent future tragedies. The Miami-Dade Police Department gradually reveals the identity and age of the victims. While countless unanswered questions remained pending.

Stacie Dawn Fang, 54, died Thursday on her way to Aventura Hospital after crews pulled her from the wreckage. Her 15-year-old son survived after he caught the attention of a neighbor near the wreckage. The team also recovered the corpse of 83-year-old Antonio Lozano.


on friday The bodies of Lozano’s wife Gladys Lozano, 79, and Manuel “Manny” LaFont, 54, were found on Saturday and the bodies of Luis Bermudez, 26, Ana Ortiz, 46, Marcus Guara, 52, and Leon Oliwkowicz. 80 years old on Sunday The bodies of Christina Beatriz Elvira Oliwkowicz, 74, were found on Monday and Frank Kleinman, 55, and Michael Altman, 50.

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