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Burn blast kills 2

BERN — Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple kills two in a house bombing on Friday night.

Husband and wife Victor and Lois Porlier, 83 and 72, respectively, died in the deadly home explosion, Apple confirmed Saturday morning.

Victor Porlier’s body was found Friday night. And the sheriff said the search for the wreckage at 1470 Hilltop Lane had resumed on Saturday morning. The officers’ focus was initially on the search for a second victim, Lois Porlier. Investigators then turned their attention to trying to determine the cause. The explosion at 8:20 PM that was miles away.

“The explosion showed signs of a propane explosion. But there are other parts to consider,”

; Apple said Saturday morning.

A house in a secluded off Thacher Park Road has been engulfed in flames. When the first group of rescuers arrived at the scene After neighbors called authorities to report the explosion, it was followed by dense smoke. The sheriff’s office stated The state park was closed after the explosion.

Several fire departments and EMS personnel arrived at the scene. Many people work overnight to put out the fire. The sheriff’s office said

Online listings describe the house as a 5,600 square foot, three-story structure on 16 acres. Apple said the couple was trying to sell the property.

Kyle Fossé, who lived about 5 miles from the scene of the explosion. Said he and his wife were in their East Berne home when they felt “bump, like a falling bookshelf” and “their dog is going crazy”, they went outside to see if there was a tree. Fall or not, and neighbors are also in turmoil.

Burns supervisor Sean Lyons said on Saturday morning: The explosion resounded throughout the area.

“The explosion shook the entire community. There is no corner of Bern that no one reported hearing last night,” Lyon said.

The commander, who was outside the city, said shortly after the explosion. He received a call from the highway superintendent to warn him of what had just happened.

He said the city’s law enforcement office and building inspectors were at the scene on Friday night.

Lyons said pictures of the disaster posted on social media caused concern and sparked speculation among the small community about what could have caused houses to collapse.

“I think for many people in the community, people wake up in shock,” he said. “One of the most important things right now is people worrying about how this happened. And what will they do to protect themselves now? Is this a random event that just happened? So people are really worried about the root cause and how it will affect it. them and their homes.”

He said using propane tanks was part of daily life in Albany County’s Heldeberg Hilltowns.

“Many of us in Hilltowns, myself included. We have a lot of propane tanks at our home due to deliveries. So it’s something that many people have to worry about right now. Make sure it is always closed and there are no leaks,” added Lyon.

When asked about Porliers, Lyons described Victor Porlier as “genius and very intelligent” and said that the pair were good friends with many people working for the city.

Lyon, a lifelong native of Bern He has been a supervisor for about four years, saying he does not remember the great tragedy in the city.

East Bern Fire Department, Berne Fire Department, Altamont Fire Department, Westerlo Fire Department, New Salem Fire Department, Onesquethaw Fire Department, Helderberg Ambulance, Albany County Sheriff’s Department EMS all responded to the incident. such The New York State Police also assisted in the investigation.

Bern is a city with a population of about 2,771, about 20 miles from Albany.

Mike Goodwin and Susan Mehalick contributed.


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