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Busch Beer pays dogs $ 20G with ‘benefits’ to taste Dog Brew.

Busch Beer is looking for a new manager, but this “Chief Tasting Officer” is furry and four-legged.

Beer brand owned by Anheuser-Busch It’s launching a contest to promote Dog Brew and find the perfect dog to help expand its product line.

Busch released the first alcohol-free dog brew, the Dog Brew last summer. The “brew” is dog-safe and made from pork butt, whole cornbones, celery, basil, mint, turmeric and ginger, Fox News reports. At that time

On Tuesday, Busch announced the “Chief Tasting Officer” contest by posting a recruitment video on social media. In the clip, Busch spokesperson “Busch Guy”

; describes the “serious” nature of the role.

The lovable dog finally got hair care when the business was launched in England.

“It’s your responsibility. “Your bark must be just as good as it bites.”

FANCY FEAST introduces human books inspired by the new CAT FOOD LINE.

In fact, according to the announcement, the winning dog will have some responsibilities.

The CTO will be a brand ambassador and “Busch’s featured content creator on social channels” dogs will be on a mission of taste testing and quality control.

The role will also be compensated. The winner of the contest will receive a $ 20,000 check (in salary), a $ 800 prepaid card to use as a pet insurance. (It is for medical expenses) and a 4-pack of Busch Dog Brew (as a company stock option) according to the announcement and competition rules.

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Busch was looking for a dog with a “cleft palate” and “distinctive scent” to play the role. The brand added: “The ability to use the English language is amazing,” although not necessary.

Busch Beer Launches a Contest to Find Files

Busch Beer launches a contest to find the “Chief Tasting Officer” for the dog-friendly Dog Brew. (IStock)

Qualified dog owners can apply by posting pictures of their dogs and descriptions of their qualifications on social media with a hashtag. #BuschCTOcontest Submissions will end on April 28.

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Daniel Blake, VP of Brand Value Anheuser-Busch It said in a statement that the first Busch Dog Brew launch was so successful that the company wanted to “keep the momentum going” for the second year.

“To expand the brand this year, we need real, local experts on our team,” Blake says. “We are excited to give one qualified dog a real job, pay for it and take advantage of in-house knowledge. Of consumers, it is our goal to expand the Busch Dog Brew by 2021

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