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Byron Buxton, Mitch Garver homers help the Twins to win.

MINNEAPOLIS – The Twins’ long battle of the 2020 season with the left-handed pitcher is one of the more confusing developments from the likes of Mitch Garver, Nelson Cruz, Josh Donaldson. And Miguel Zano in the middle of the most returning lineup. Its core from 19 ‘Bomba Squad,’ which leaves the wreckage of the scorching Southpaws in its wake.

Minnesota finally met another left-handed mojo on Thursday – and it’s a sight to behold.

South in trouble is Seattle Herler, Marco Gonzales, and the twins both deal with him twice, big in a three-run homer by Gower and a single blowout by Bayer. The fiery Ron Buxton, who ended up hitting three and knocked down three times in shyness. Round as Minnesota cruised to a 1

0-2 victory over Mariners in front of an unsold 9,675 crowd in their home game at Target Field.

“It feels like there’s a lot of people in the stands, I’ll be honest with you and how we go out and play good football for them makes everything better,” said manager Rocco Baldelli.

Gonzales was tagged for seven earned runs, the second since the start of the 2020 season where the twins stacked more than four times in a handful of matches, The Twins switched from MLB’s top OPS team. .872 with the winger in ’19 to .658 OPS team against Southpaws in ’20, ranked 27th in the MLB.

Although Donaldson was injured. (Right hamstring) still out of the lineup, both old and new right-handed bats also made a big impact in the defeat, in line with what Baldelli expected from an extreme right tilt. In the starting lineup with winger Kyle Garlick compiled two more attacks, including two RBI, while Buxton scored twice, Garver hurled a pair of extra base hits and Andrelton Simmons picked up three times.

Buxton’s fiery start is more than just a temporary loss of Donaldson’s bat.Center fielder is the first player in the Twins history to have an extra hit in each of the first six games of the season. In fact, his first seven hits in 2021 gained in popularity – including four homers and three doubles – before his sixth inning singles destroyed the streak.

Fans seemed to be disappointed when he hadn’t played the full three rounds of the chant of “MVP! MVP!”.

“I worked a little harder in the cage to do a little more of my routine and put my trust in the process of what I was doing in the cage to translate into the field,” Buxton said. But things started to come together “

As important as Garver’s production, whose regression from the 2019 Silver Slugger Award winner was a .511 OPS in ’20 as he grappled with a tilt injury, it certainly didn’t help the Twins fight the winger. He began to show his pristine self with heavy exposure (in excess of 95 mph) in all four balls he played in Thursday’s game, including a 106.3 mph homer. That traveled about 435 feet to the center and 101.3 mph. Twice in addition to a pair of flies to the warning tracks.

These are the kind of bats that give Baldelli the faith in making Garver his preferred hitting lead against many winger and the Twins will put him in the spotlight for those situations.

“[He] Got the ability to go out, have a good bat, learned from the previous bats, learned from the bats he had just recently encountered, ”Baldelli said.“ Again, the guy we have to rely on and need. Really in left-handed pitching, and I think he was comfortable in that role as well, having to face them. ”

The loss of big right-hand bats like Jonathan Schoop and CJ Cron from the ’19 squad didn’t help last season – and was unscathed from Garver and Donaldson, although Donaldson is not currently active, but the Twins. It is hoped that now they will have enough depth right to not only survive but also grow when the winger is on the slopes – as on Saturday.

“I expect that we will be able to organize groups regularly, which makes life difficult for left-handed beginners,” said Valdelli. “Forcing those left-handers to work through the lineup is important and me. I don’t think we have a weakness for them. ”

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