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California bans the use of assault weapons judged by federal judges as unconstitutional.

A federal judge in California has ruled that the state’s ban on assault weapons is unconstitutional. This was a major setback for gun control advocates. Because Democrats are eyeing a federal ban on guns of the same type.

Roger County Judge Benitez of San Diego United States District Court Judge It has issued a 94-page ruling on the 30-year ban, an unprecedented act by the state government. And it violates the Second Amendment. by analogy to the popular AR-15 rifle. “Swiss Army Knife” that is “Good for Home and Battlefield”

“This case is not about special weapons outside the scope of the Second Amendment defense. The banned ‘assault weapons’ are not bazookas, mortars or machine guns, they are dangerous and useful only for military purposes,” Benitez wrote on Friday. “But firearms that are considered The ̵

6;assault weapon’ is a fairly common and popular modern rifle. This is a very common case with an average gun used for average purposes.”

A judge appointed by George W. Bush decided to consider the idea that states should not “Force a choice of gun policy that compromises that right with a failed 30-year-old trial.”

“Government is not free to formulate its own new policy choices regarding American citizens pertaining to their constitutional rights,” he said. It’s good to keep modern rifles out of the reach of every citizen. The Second Amendment is a shield from government policymaking.”

While Benitez considers California’s ban unconstitutional. He is still allowed 30 days before his verdict takes effect. Attorney General of the State of California, Rob Bonta (D), who is a defendant in the appeal case is permitted.

“Since this case involves serious questions about philanthropy. Therefore, temporary residence is beneficial to the public. This announcement and permanent restraining order will be suspended for 30 days during that time. The Attorney General may appeal and ask the Court of Appeal to stay,” he wrote.

Still, the ruling was quickly met by Bonta and California Gov. Gavin NewsomGavin NewsomCalifornia State union donated M to help Newsom fight reclaim Biden bolsters pushing another Arnold offshore wind in California recall this? Will it matter? over (D) Both suggest that Benitez overlooks the risks posed by weapons like the AR-15.

“Today’s decision is fundamentally flawed. and we will appeal against it. There is no legal basis, fact, or common sense to compare Swiss army knife assault rifles. Especially on gun violence awareness day and after the latest shooting in our California community. We need to take action to end gun violence now. We will fight this verdict and continue to support and protect common sense gun laws that will save lives,” Bonta said in a statement.

“Today’s decision poses a direct threat to the public safety and lives of innocent Californians,” Newsom added.[T]The fact that this judge compared the AR-15, a war weapon used on the battlefield to the Swiss Army Knife, completely undermines the credibility of this decision and is a slap in the face for families who have lost loved ones. this weapon.”

The Benitez ruling marks a setback for Democrats who have been looking to expand gun control in recent years. Only to be rejected by conservative judges and Republicans in Congress. Bonta’s ruling on appeals could influence how the Democrats are led. President BidenTwo-party lawmaker Joe Biden pressures Biden to ‘immigrate’ Afghans ‘immediately’ U.S. Armed Forces aide Chris Wallace: Backlash over Fauci emails at ‘high politics’, Democrats demand GOP excuses cry along. Hunt for witches while McGahn finally testifies further.It will succeed in pushing the federal government to ban assault weapons. This is a prohibition promised by Biden in the campaign path he will enforce.

Gun rights advocates praise Benitez’s verdict. It said they were ready to fight to keep it up to the Supreme Court if needed.

“This historic victory for personal freedom is just the beginning, and FPC will continue to challenge these laws across the United States. We look forward to continuing this challenge at Field Ninth and, if necessary, the Supreme Court,” said Brandon Combs, president of the Firearms Police Coalition (FPC), which helps bring cases to court. said in a statement

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