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California Cafe charges customers a fee for wearing masks.

  • Coffee shop owners in Northern California will charge customers $5 if they wear masks, NBC News reported.
  • The store owner used to offer a 50% discount for customers who discarded their masks.
  • Owners will charge customers if they “bragging” about vaccinations.
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A coffee shop owner in Northern California reportedly charges customers $5 if they order food while wearing a mask.

According to NBC News, the owner of Fiddlehead’s Cafe in Mendocino. california It has put up a sign informing customers that it will cost an additional $5 if they find out they are wearing a mask while ordering.

The same signal that informs customers of the said policy also informs them that they will receive the same charges if they “Caught bragging”

; about vaccinations, according to the report.

Coffee shop owner Chris Castleman told NBC News the proceeds from the fee would benefit Project Sanctuary, a local organization that supports survivors of early family abuse. Within two weeks, Castleman said he would name a new charity to receive money from mask fees.

“I don’t think $5 for charity is too much to ask from masked customers who claim to care so much about the communities they live in,” Castleman told NBC News in an email.

“It is time for proponents of these ineffective government measures. will begin to pay for the collateral damages they have incurred together,” he added.

As NBC News reported, Castleman last year temporarily closed the coffee shop when county health officials ordered employees and customers at the cafe to wear masks inside. He previously offered a 50 percent discount to customers who reportedly dumped masks in the trash.

“I don’t believe in masks,” he told NBC News.

SFGate reports that the coffee shop used to have signs that the customers it advertised would receive. “Free COVID-19 vaccine card,” according to the report. The label has been removed. Making or buying counterfeit vaccination cards is illegal, the FBI warned earlier.

Nearly all states have lifted mask orders after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in early May said they weren’t necessary for people to be fully vaccinated in most indoor and outdoor environments. People who have not been vaccinated against COVID-19 In its entirety, masks should still be worn in most indoor locations, according to the CDC.

California still needs masks and will maintain the guidelines until June 15.

Castleman told SFGate he plans to quit signing up for months because he doesn’t believe officials in Mendocino County will be in their mandate when the state does so next month.

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