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California Government candidate Caitlyn Jenner targets Newsom failure in new campaign video.

California governor candidate Caitlyn Jenner has released a new campaign video targeting the failure of Gov. Gavin Newsom’s administration.

A video released online Saturday showed California was No. 1 in total perversion.

“We are number one in regulations, we are number one in taxes, and we are number one in the outgoing group,” Jenner said in the lecture. “It doesn’t have to be like this.”

The video calls for voters to make the state compete again with the likes of Texas and Florida, with more new residents coming from California.

Businesses are also starting to leave the state: Elon Musk revealed in December 2020 that he moved to Texas and is working to move his business from California to Lone Star State.

CAITLYN JENNER: Californian immigrants should have a path to citizenship.


7;s message focuses on the business environment and regulations in California, which she believes contributes to immigration. She previously highlighted Newsom’s reach in many areas, including taxes and regulations.

“He’s terrible at every point,” Jenner told Fox News’ Sean Hannity in an interview last week. “He’s paying taxes… he’s really bad for business. Left and right, 18,000 companies are out of California, my friends are leaving California! ”

LA COUNTY supervisors call for California mask-counterfeiting end to end.

One of the driving factors that have led many people to consider the change of address is California’s response to the coronavirus outbreak, often cited as one of the strictest blockades. However, leaving jail appears to exclude some politicians, such as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s infamous hair salon appointment or Newsom’s “French Laundry” dinner.

Residents began a recall vote in direct response to Newsom’s handling of the outbreak that saw California in the middle of the herd, according to a study by the University of California, other institutions and institutions based in Berkeley.

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Efforts to collect signatures begin in mid-2020, and many are skeptical that organizers will be able to collect the estimated 1.5 million votes it needs: the organizers submitted 2.1 million signatures by March 17.

Jenner – an Olympic gold award-winning athlete, transgender rights activist and TV personality, announced in April that she plans to run for governor with a “harassment” background. To confront an entrenched politician and the special interests she sees her presence

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“We need to go to Sacramento in a different way,” Jenner said in her campaign video. “We need to change what happened here.”

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