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Camp Auschwitz rioters arrested

A man photographed wearing a sweater reading “Camp Auschwitz” while in town hall last week was arrested in Newport News, Virginia on Wednesday morning in connection with the riots of “Camp Auschwitz”. Capitol

This man, Robert Keith Packer, has been seen on the grounds of Congress in multiple photographs and his black sweater, referring to the Nazi death camp and the skull, causing widespread disgust. Earlier, news outlets listed Mr. Packer by account of people who knew him.

Mr. Packer’s sweater also features the phrase “Work Brings Freedom,”

; roughly translated as “Arbeit macht frei”. The German word is welded to a steel arch located above one of the deadly camp gates. More than 1.1 million lives during World War II

The federal attorney general in Washington said this week that more than 70 people involved in assault that state authorities have already been charged with crimes, and “hundreds” are expected to eventually be charged. Prosecutors are considering charges against the rioters, including conspiracy to incite murder and trespass. Michael Sherwin, acting prosecutor for the District of Columbia, said investigators have identified at least 170 people believed to have committed the crime.

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