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Canada mourns the remains of 215 children found in indigenous schools

A new school building at Kamloops Indian Residential School is seen in Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada circa 1950.

Kamloops Indian Residential School in British Columbia was once home to 500 children.

Massive grave containing the remains of 21

5 children in a former residential school set up to devour indigenous people has been found in Canada.

The children are students at Kamloops Indian Residential School in British Columbia. which closed in 1978

The discovery was announced Thursday by the head of the Tk’emups te Secwepemc First Nation.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said it was “A painful reminder” of “a shameful chapter in our nation’s history.”

The First Nation is working with museum and coroner’s experts to determine the cause and timing of death. which is not yet known

Roseanne Casimir, Community Leader in Kamloops British Columbia said the initial findings represent an unthinkable loss. which the school administrators never recorded

Canadian residential schools were compulsory boarding schools run by governments and religious authorities during the 19th and 20th centuries with the aim of enforcing the assimilation of Indigenous youth.

Kamloops Indian Residential School is the largest school in the residential system. Opened under Roman Catholic administration in 1890, it had as many as 500 students when enrollment peaked in the 1950s.

The federal government took over the school in 1969, opening it as housing for local students until 1978 when the school closed.

What do we know about corpses?

Tk’emlaps te Secwepemc First Nation said the remains were discovered with the help of ground-penetrating radar during a school survey.

“As far as we know These missing children are undocumented victims,” Ms Gazimir said. “Some are younger than three.”

“We have found a way to affirm that knowing the lost children and their families with deep respect and love understands that Tk’emlps te Secwepemc is the final resting place for these children.”

The main administrative building at Kamloops Indian Residential School is seen in Kamloops, British Columbia.

Analysis of the remains continues.

the tribe said have access to the hometown community with children attend school They expect a preliminary discovery by mid-June.

British Columbia’s chief coroner, Lisa Lapointe, told Canada’s CBC station that “we are in the early stages of collecting data.”

What is the reaction?

The reaction was out of shock. sorrow and regret

“Remaining news was found at a residential school in old Kamloops. It breaks my heart,” Trudeau wrote in a tweet.

Canadian Indigenous Relations Minister Carolyn Bennett said residential schools were part of a “shameful” colonial policy. “Remember the lost souls,” she said.

Terry Teegee, Regional Head of British Columbia’s Assembly of First Nations demanded that the grave be found as “Urgent work” to “restore the sorrow and loss” of communities in the region.

Those opinions were echoed by other indigenous groups, including the United Nations Health Authority (FNHA).

“The existence of this situation is not sad. And it demonstrates the destructive and lasting impact the residential school system continues to have on First Nations people, their families and communities,” the company CEO Richard Jock wrote in a statement.

What is a residential school?

From about 1863 to 1998, more than 150,000 Indigenous children were taken from their families and placed in these schools.

Children are often not allowed to speak their own language or practice their own culture. and many were abused and abused.

A commission launched in 2008 to document the impact of this system. It was found that many Indigenous children never returned to their hometowns.

Truth and Reconciliation Report The landmark, published in 2015, said the policy was “Cultural Genocide”

In 2008, the Canadian government made a formal apology for the system.

The Missing Children Project records the deaths and burial sites of children who died while attending school. until now More than 4,100 children died while attending a residential school, the report said.

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