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Cancer drug test succeeds

Researchers have successfully tested a “Trojan horse” drug, which can kill cancer cells and bacteria without damaging nearby healthy tissue.

Scientists from the University of Edinburgh have combined small molecules Cancer-killing drugs with SeNBD and chemical food compounds to lure cancer cells into ingesting them.

experimental study A peer-reviewed procedure performed on zebrafish and human cells. But researchers say more studies are needed to confirm that it’s a safe and quick way to treat early cancer and drug-resistant bacteria.

Cancer cells are “greedy” and need to eat large amounts of energy. And they generally ingest more than healthy cells. said the University of Edinburgh.

By pairing SeNBD with chemical food compounds it will become “Ideal prey for harmful cells”

; ingested “without being alerted of its toxic nature.”

The drug was invented by researchers at the University of Edinburgh. which compares this drug to a trojan horse and the effects of such drugs on “burning warhead”

SeNBD is also a photosensitive stimulator. This means that it only kills cells after being powered on with visible light.

This means that the surgeon can make an accurate decision when to stimulate the drug. Reduces the chance of the drug damaging healthy tissue. And avoid side effects such as hair loss caused by other anti-cancer agents.

The findings are published in the journal Nature Communications.

Professor Marc Vendrell, Research Team Leader Head of Translational Chemistry and Biomedical Imaging at the University of Edinburgh said: “This research represents a significant breakthrough in the design of novel therapies that can be easily stimulated. with light irradiation which is generally safe

“SeNBD is one of the smallest optical stimulators ever, and its use as a ‘Trojan Horse’ opens up many new opportunities for interventional therapies to kill harmful cells without affecting the available tissue. good health around”

Dr. Sam Benson, a postdoctoral researcher at the University said the drug delivery mechanism means that the drug passes “The cell’s front door” instead of having to “find a way to penetrate the cell’s protective barrier.”

The Trojan Horse Legend in Greek mythology tells the story of Greek soldiers building giant hollow wooden horses that they hid to gain access to Troy, pretending to abandon war.

The Trojans took this gigantic building as a gift. and brought it into the city wall Only the Greek warriors would emerge from within and sack the city.

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