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Capcom lawsuit stole images of Resident Evil and Devil May Cry

Resident Evil 4 lawsuit

screenshot: Capcom

Designers sued Capcom over improper use of licensed material. polygon reportAccording to the indictment on Friday, Capcom used unlicensed photographs as artistic property in Resident Evil 4, Devil May Cryand other games

Writer and artist Judy A. Juracek filed a lawsuit. suit In the United States District Court in Connecticut on Friday, in 1996 Juracek published Textures: Visual Research for Artists, Architects and DesignersIt’s a roundup of detailed photographs with a large emphasis on texture and how it will change over time. In addition to interviews with a number of design experts, The book is also intended to allow people to use those photographs in projects, but according to Friday’s complaint Using the photos for commercial purposes requires a license fee, which Capcom allegedly does not pay.

Juracek supplemented the request with more than 100 pages of supporting documentation showing a photographic comparison between screenshots of Capcom’s video game and photos from Capcom. texture. In one, you can clearly see the front of the door in texture to the front of the door in Resident EvilAnother image reflects a broken glass designed with a “4” in the Resident Evil 4 logo

Theoretically, it’s very technically possible that in the production of these games, Capcom sent photographers to every location referred to in Juracek’s book. to clear in court

Friday’s suit stated that Capcom owed Juracek anywhere from $2,500 to $25,000 per image, and said Capcom illegally used a total of around 80 images. The suit also alleges that Capcom could owe Juracek up to $12 million for copyright infringement alongside legal fees. Lawyers are requesting a jury trial.

Capcom tells polygon It is “aware of the lawsuit” but declined to comment further on the exit.

read polygonreport hereThis includes all uploaded copies of complaints and exhibits.

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