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Capitol Fax.com – Your Illinois News Radar »*** Update x1 *** House Speaker Election Report

* Sunday-time …

Latinx Caucus will endorse Emanuel “Chris” Welch as the next Illinois House speaker on Tuesday, one day after the Black Caucus selected Hillside Democrat as a candidate, a source told the Chicago Sun-Times.

Three sources – one of them at House Latinx Caucus, confirmed the decision.

With the support of Black Caucus, who may have voted 22 and the nine Latinx Caucus members who endorsed Welch, he was able to have 31 of the 60 votes needed to become a speaker.

* Press release…

Today, Rep. Stephanie Kifowit withdrew her name from hearings by the Illinois Speaker of the House and released the following statement:

“On October 1

, I stood up and announced my intention to run as Speaker of the House at the 102nd Illinois General Assembly at a time when Speaker Madigan was assumed to be a speaker. easily At that time, I believed, as I do now, that our Caucus deserves an alternative to the new leadership in Illinois.

“When more people attended yesterday, it was clear that I had no course of 60 points – but I was encouraged and empowered by the fact that political parties had a real choice in the candidates as speakers for the first time. In 38 years. I am excited for Illinois and I look forward to serving in the 102nd General Assembly under a new leader. ”

She deserves a lot of credit for sticking out her neck when no one else will.

This post will be updated. I think they are close to voting. But the results are likely to be in a separate post.

* History of bravery …

*** Update *** Rep Ann Williams just dropped out of the race, I tell It also said she would vote “present” during the call.

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