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Capitol protesters argued she was allowed inside the building on Jan. 6 because she searched online for hours and said it was open.

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Screenshot taken from an open source video showing Baez in Capitol crypt on Jan. 6. Ministry of Justice

  • A California woman was arrested and charged in connection with Friday̵

    7;s Capitol riots in Alabama.

  • Stephanie Baez boasted about joining her on Instagram during and after the uprising. prosecutor accused

  • She told officials she was allowed to stay in the building because she had previously confirmed online that the town hall would be open.

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The accused attended the Capitol riots, which prosecutors said had bragged about her presence in the Pro-Trump riots on social media, telling officials she was allowed to remain in the Capitol on Jan. 6. Because she used to check the building’s opening hours to confirm open so she can visit the site

Stephanie Baez, a 27-year-old California woman, told officials she traveled to Washington, D.C. in January to attend a then-President Donald Trump rally and see a medical school. according to court documents

She was arrested for Friday’s riots in Alabama. According to the Ministry of Justice

Baez documented her experiences during the attack in widespread Instagram posts, praising “patriots” for “invading” the Capitol and offering interviews to other Instagram users, according to the criminal complaint.

“I can’t believe the hypocrisy left from this. The only bad thing Trump supporters do. Which I will claim is a broken window,” she told Instagram users that night, according to court documents. “The police let them go through the obstacles. And American citizens are allowed to stay in the Capitol building when anything is in session.”

months later During a non-custodial interview with a Justice Department official, Baez would state the same reason for her presence in the town hall that day.

Around January 6, the FBI received an anonymous tip pointing the authorities to an Instagram user who posted a video of himself during the riot. The whistleblower identified the user as Baez, and agents confirmed her identity using the California Department of Motor Vehicles listed phone numbers and records. The criminal complaint said

The FBI was later alerted to another video posted on Instagram of Baez being interviewed in front of what appeared to be a town hall on Jan. 6, court records said. The video is captioned “Girl is ‘Looking for Proud Boy!'”, which appears to refer to a neo-fascist group whose members were present during the Capitol attack.

Authorities confirmed Baez was in the Capitol on January 6, identifying her in a video clip and using the cell phone’s GPS data to place her in the area. such complaints

Baez posted a photo of herself on Instagram on Jan. 8 wearing the same black shirt she wore in the open-source video since the Capitol attack. The shirt features a photo of author George Orwell and includes the message. Saying “BOY DID I CALL IT OR WHAT?”

“Welcome to 1984! Things are going to be crazy,” Baez’s caption reads, “but as long as the Patriots love America. You won’t fall…”

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Screenshot of Baez’s Instagram post on January 8th. Ministry of Justice.

in April Officials interviewed Baez about her participation. And she identified herself as the owner of the Instagram account in question, the document states. She reportedly told authorities she believed she could stay in the town hall because police told her. She also said that “everyone is calm” and some are “just following the group” and she thinks it’s “crazy” regardless of that.

She said she believed many of the participants were unaware they weren’t supposed to be in the building and claimed she had the authority to stay in the town hall because she had previously confirmed it was open to tours, according to the complaint. prosecutor said Baez also told officials that she looked at opening hours because it was near where Trump was speaking, and that she was just “checking out what else” in the area to see.

During the interview, Baez identified herself in a screenshot of a video taken on the Capitol on Jan. 6, according to the complaint. Authorities also obtained a search warrant for Baez’s Instagram account, which revealed several messages confirming her participation in the riot. Court documents show

“The moment I was most proud of…” she said about the picture that was shown to her at the town hall.

Baez was arrested on two counts, including intentionally entering a building or a detention facility without legal authority. and the use of violence and disorderly behavior in the City Hall area.

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