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Capitol Riot: A horrific surveillance report reveals that state police have expired ineffective ammunition and shields during the riots.

These findings from the USCP inspectorate are included in the second preliminary report on the events surrounding the congressional uprising and suggest that there are several longstanding problems at the department. “Knowing and not managing to be timely or not addressing the routine to prevent,” according to CNN’s summary.

In particular, the summary underscores critical issues with departmental surveillance when it comes to maintenance of equipment, policies for civil defense agencies and pre-attack intelligence management.

The broader intelligence-related flaw described in the report is evidenced by a Capitol Police warning received by the Department of Homeland Security on December 21

, 2020, but it appears to have not been fully exploited.

On that day, “the Department of Homeland Security informed the Department of Blogging citing tunnels in the U.S. governmental space used by members of Congress, and the site’s research identifying ‘four topics / blogs with worrying opinions.’ ” State summary

The report stated that the website was https://thedonald.win And there are several comment pages posted on the website, ”the report added.

The report continues to reveal for the first time the alarming degree of indifference from the leadership of the state police department when it comes to items that require regular household care, such as failing to maintain the correct roster of officers. Assigned to the Civil Interference Control Unit.

Two US Congress police officers sued Trump and said he should be held responsible for the Jan. 6 attacks.

Summarizing 187 “CDU” roster, two of them no longer worked for Congress Police on the day of the riot. 187 officers on the list were lower than the 276 officers serving as the state police chief. Yokananda Pittman told Congress on January 6.

The report also pointed out that the leadership of the state police agency knows that as of July 2020, the department needs to make major changes. But it is inexplicably unable to do so.

The summary illustrates several examples, including the department’s failure to establish standard operating procedures for civil defense agencies, highlighting informal attitudes towards units assigned to stop riots in civil defense. most

The shell has expired and the shield is ineffective.

Even equipment maintenance appears to be of low priority. The summary shows that the CDU shield was not kept at the correct temperature, making it unusable while some of the ammunition in the arsenal had expired.

In another example, the Inspector General wrote that department officials told investigators they received training every three years as required by the arms manufacturers held by the officers.However, the department had no official order of any kind. They do training

On the eve of the uprising, the CDU did not use all of the less dangerous options, such as the 40mm grenade launcher, 37mm grenade launcher, and the Sting Ball grenade because of the “command of the leader”.

In the end, the unit “Operating at reduced availability” due to multiple failures, the report said.

The summary describes the lack of standards for critically important intelligence gathering and the assessments of police and departments failing to follow some of the available procedures. For example, not all members of the intelligence department have top-of-the-line security in their role. This may result in the department handling confidential information incorrectly, and there is no training program for all employees in the department.

The brief states that in the fall of 2020, Capitol Police intelligence services were made adjustments after it became clear that the unit. “Does not meet the requirements of the Department”

As the department prepared for what it believed to be a Jan. 6 rally, conflicting intelligence proved to be a problem, according to the report.

“The descriptions provided by OIG are surprising,” the summary said. “Bottom Line Up Front” (BLUF) said they were following the protests, which could include armed protesters and white supremacist groups, and that “the bottom line up front”. The next 30-page estimate was much more shocking, including the conditions on the ground could lead to A dangerous situation for law enforcement and the general public. ”CNN previously reported that the intelligence department of the division had concluded that the threat of violence was” a “threatening situation. ‘Not likely’

The summary provides 27 recommendations for corrections, including changing procedures to “Better tailored document reporting that captures operational impact to include unlikely outcomes based on intelligence, trends, member threats, and data analysis.”

The USCP inspector is expected to testify to Capitol Hill next week on his reports and findings.

This story has been updated with additional information from the report summary.

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