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Capitol Rioter Doug Jensen overturns Trump seeking release before trial

  • Iowa man Douglas Jensen was charged in connection with activities at the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021.
  • in a new release His lawyer claims Jensen received “lies” from Trump.
  • Jensen’s charges included assaulting an officer and obstructing official action.
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Douglas Jensen, an Iowa man indicted on multiple federal charges related to the Jan. 6 riots, is seeking release from his pre-trial detention. claiming that he “Victim” to conspiracy theories

A new release request was issued ahead of Jensen’s lawsuit in D.C. federal court on Tuesday. His lawyers claimed Jensen “slumbered”

; in a D.C. prison for six months. He was arrested five months ago.

Prosecutors said in a number of viral videos Jensen can be seen in front of Capitol police officer Eugene Goodman, among others. Among the first rioters to break into the town hall He is wearing a T-shirt with the QAnon logo with an eagle in the middle. with the group’s slogan

capitol riot

Protesters storm the parliament building on January 6, 2021.

(Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

In new court documents, Jensen’s attorney, Christopher Davis, is demanding the release of his client, citing Jensen. “Feeling deceived Realizing he bought a lie.” Former President Donald Trump Davis claimed that his clients were only at the rallies for observation. And that Trump damaged him.

According to federal prosecutors, Jensen was able to charge Officer Goodman in several videos. He was indicted on five counts. including physically assaulting officers but in the request for release Jensen’s lawyers allege that Goodman “threatened” Jensen, who was accused of carrying a pocket knife to “defend”.

Jensen was arrested two days after returning to Des Moines, Iowa, following the riots and was transferred to Washington, D.C., at the request of the judge.

Jensen has also been charged with obstructing official action. which carries a maximum penalty of not more than 20 years

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