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Capitol rioters come from a city with a growing number of black people.

  • Researchers found that Capitol riots were praised by cities with dwindling white populations.
  • Robert Pape found rioters came from cities in fear of an increase in black populations.
  • Readers felt conflicting with the study findings. But most agree
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Researchers assessed 377 people arrested for involved in the Jan. 6 riot of Congress and found that most of them were praised by cities with dwindling, white populations. Immigrants and black people on the rise

The findings, published in the Washington Post op-ed and a follow-up report from The New York Times, spurred a different reaction from readers. While many seemed to agree with the conclusions, others said the study did not highlight how flawed these rioters̵

7; ideas were, and some said it represented a small minority. Unfair, that’s part of a larger trend.

On Jan. 6, supporters of former President Donald Trump violated U.S. government agencies and clashed with law enforcement. The riots resulted in the deaths of five, including a police officer. Police said between 800 and 1,000 people entered the town hall during the riots. But three months later, fewer than 400 people were arrested and charged.

Robert Pape, a political science professor at the University of Chicago and Chicago Program Director for Security and Threats, said most of those involved were whites and men, and were hailed by counties who saw people who were not. Increased whites, which is their cause It felt as though they were losing power.

In many cases, the rioters live in cities that voted as a total democracy, Pape said, the issue needs to be viewed as a trend.

“Ignoring this move and its potential will be similar to Trump’s response to COVID-19: we can’t predict it will explode. The mixture exists for future waves of political violence, from the onslaught of the lone wolf to the full blast of democracy surrounding the 2022 midterm elections, ”Pape wrote.

Pape told the Times that he was also conducting an analysis of suicide bombers following the 9/11 terrorist attacks, in an effort to help reveal the trend. He said what happened at City Hall on January 6 should also receive attention. But it’s still just the beginning of research.

“We’re really in the early stages,” Pape said.

Some readers said the findings were not surprising and confirmed what activists had to say for a while. They also questioned whether it is fair for white Americans to fear reduced racial or privileged currents, highlighting cases of hate crimes and racial violence against minorities. Continuously

“Are white people really worried about turning the tables, or are they going to be told to go back to where they came from, and then they will get hurt on the streets, their loved ones will be choked or shot by the police? life They were worried about being stereotyped by their employer because their name was Karen or Brad. They thought doctors would ignore their symptoms and get hurt because you knew how people were. Written in response to a Times article highlighting the experience of black people.

However, others said the study could be skewed as it looked only at data from the 377 arrested people involved in the riots, a group too small to draw conclusions on trends.

“The relatively small data group (377 arrests) combined with the distorted nature of those who could participate. (Money, time and airport access required for many participants on such a trip) does not allow a very detailed analysis, ”wrote one reader.

Some said those who attended were neither Republican representatives nor likely a rise among former Trump supporters.Pape wrote that there were two similarities between the riots and the Trump rallies. Times which resulted in very few arrests. But added that the radical turn of events on Jan. 6 could be linked to Trump’s provocation.

Trump was indicted in the House of Commons on charges of inciting a riot by telling the crowd. “Fight like hell” after that, he was acquitted of such charges by the Senate.

In his poem, Pape wrote that the rioters were concerned about It is a “big replacement”, a theory backed by a group of white people, claiming that immigrants and blacks will replace whites as immigration is on the rise. White skin is low

“They see changes happening around them every day, and they are insecure, fearful and paranoid that they can’t think of any way to compete in a changing environment except to deny the inevitable change and Fight absurdly to keep things used to be – – – the definition of ‘right-wing, ultra-conservative attack.’ ” A reader posted a comment.

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