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Capitol Rioters face the consequences of ‘Selfie Sabotage’

WASHINGTON – On Jan. 6, former Army Sergeant Joe Biggs, replacing Lieutenant Proud Boys, leads the far-right group to the state agency from the Washington Monument charged with destroying a police barricade. The other side of the barrier faced The police then took it by themselves.

“We just occupied the City Hall!”

All of this is prepared in court papers. But it’s also in a simple light.Biggs, who was indicted last month on charges that included conspiracy and vandalism, could face decades in prison for his role in the Capitol riots.

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He has himself blamed himself, as do other Proud Boys, he helped document the prosecutor̵

7;s case.

“Want to show how smart they are, they have basically concluded the allegations,” said Grant Fredericks, a forensic video analyst in Seattle who examined the evidence online with the Biggs and Proud Boys facing charges. Similar

The Justice Department predicted last month that the investigation and prosecution of the attacks on the government would be one of the largest in American history in the Biggs case.Prosecutors are now relying on private communications obtained from a search warrant.

But the government is reviewing 1,600 electronic records and more than 210,000 tips, “most of which are videos, photos and social media,” the Justice Department said. Many of the tips come from freelance investigators and amateurs who have gathered gigabytes of content from social media.

On a Facebook page, a man posted a selfie with the caption, “I just want to incriminate myself, haha.”

Biggs probably perceived his behavior equally at the time. Clips from inside the town hall show how unexpectedly he wore a mask, seemingly obscuring his identity, just pulled it down and exclaimed: “This is amazing!”

The Proud Boys, a self-described “Westernist” group, has a history of street clashes with leftist anti-fascist protesters. But does not have much legal acumen

“Very brave But I don’t think too forward, ”said Fredericks, who was not involved in the investigation. He compared Biggs to his group with another “face tattooed guy” that might seem like a good idea at the time.

The images from the Capitol are now familiar. Rioters film themselves and others fight law enforcement, destroy property, rob offices and destroy news media equipment. One of them, Eduardo Nicolas Alvear Gonzalez, kept his own photos and videos in the Capitol, in a folder on the laptop with the misspelled name “Captiol Storming,” according to court documents.

Gonzalez’s extensive collection includes videos of himself in Capitol Rotunda shouting: “It’s time to smoke weed here!” Then he did well with his plea: “Hey, I saw Mary Jane City Hall.”

Biggs, a former journalist for Alex Jones’ Infowars and described himself, was aware of the faults of those methods: He surrendered to the authorities after him. “Learn from the video showing him in the city hall,” his attorney John Daniel. Hull said in the court filing. Hull declined to comment.Biggs did not respond to an interview request.

While the case against rioters, some judges suggested banning them from social media. One defendant’s lawyer argued that “if it weren’t for social media, she wouldn’t even be a defendant,” said Charles Peruto, a lawyer for Gina Bisignano, a beauty expert in Beverly Hills, California, which was filmed in the United States. City Hall Riot told the Los Angeles Times.

Prosecutors cited Biggs’ social media posts before Jan. 6 in a move last week to revoke his pre-trial release and jail him. In a post one two days after the presidential election, Biggs wrote that it was time for “war” in blatantly.

The government said the post before the Biggs riot “showed a clear trend: the announcement of the election results was fraudulent.” Encourage others to ‘fight’ to overcome alleged fraud. And urged his followers to assist him in his fight against alleged fraud, including donating money and equipment for their efforts. “

Biggs announced plans for the Proud Boys coming to Washington on January 6th on the Parler social network on December 29th. You won’t see us, ”he posted, adding,“ January 6 will be epic. ”

Biggs’ activities that day were long recorded, both he and others.His walk from the Washington Monument was filmed by Eddie Block, the Proud boy on a scooter that spins backwards and identifies Biggs and Others in the description, Biggs, repeatedly appear in the photos and record themselves stepping up the steps of Congress.

It was a long, winding road that led him to that point.Biggs, 37, a.k.a. Rambo, was a Florida DJ “running around the joys in nightclubs all the time, dancing” before joining the army in 2007. He said in his broadcast. He was sent to Iraq for a year and then to Afghanistan. He made his media debut after leaving the government in 2012.

In 2008, Michael Hastings, a journalist embedded with Biggs’s unit in Afghanistan, encouraged him to pursue an on-camera news media role when he returned to the United States, Biggs said, before Hastings died in a 2013 car crash. Rewrite General Stanley MacCrystal’s Biography for Rolling Stone, which ended the General’s military career.

Biggs ‘break came after he powered a conspiracy theory about Hastings’ death. Jones invites him to Infowars, the far-right, conspiratorial radio and online show.

Biggs joined Infowars in 2014, toured the racial justice march in Ferguson, Missouri, the next year and took over the Malheur Wildlife Refuge in Oregon by far-right extremists in 2016. At the 2016 Republican National Convention, Biggs was in a frenzy with communist protesters, including the one who burned the American flag.

He and another Infowars associate claimed they were burned to try to put out the fire. In a rude video entitled “Joe ‘Rambo’ Biggs: Commie Crushing Crusader!”, Biggs said he “jumped over”. “Police” ripped off protesters’ shirts and “pounded”.

But police charged protester Gregory “Joey” Johnson with the assault of the perpetrator.

When Johnson’s lawyers saw a video containing Biggs’s claim, they called for the assault charge against Johnson, which was so. Johnson sued the City of Cleveland and police, saying they violated his First Amendment rights. He was paid $ 225,000.

Biggs left Infowars in late 2016.He bounced around at one point, sold his disrespectful T-shirts online, then aired it to a pro-Trump online channel called Right Side Broadcasting Network. Infowars’ contacts include Roger Stone, a Trump advisor and regular Infowars.Biggs helped lead the 2019 and 2020 Proud Boys competition in Portland, Oregon.

He recorded a glowing interview with Proud Boy known as Bobby Pickles posted three days before the Capitol attack.

“Dude, when I was deployed, I didn’t care about politics because I didn’t have time for that. But now I go out and spend time there, now I can focus 100% on this, ”said Biggs, denouncing social media, especially Facebook:“ I mean we are right. Brainwashing All our information on the Internet and just so it can be published? ”

He also complained that he was unable to find a job due to his social media history.

A lawyer for Biggs referred to his online activities to try to get him out of jail. “Biggs was regularly pleased with the FBI agent’s response,” when the officer asked him, “What does Biggs mean by this provocative act? Politics or culture in which he speaks on the air or on social media about national issues, Proud Boys political parties, Antifa or other groups, ”his attorney wrote in a court motion opposed to a government filing to retract the action. Released before his trial

“On January 6, the defendant was not ‘stormy,’ said the document,“ except ‘this is awesome.’ There was no record of him saying anything in that building. ”

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