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Capitol Riot’s arrest: the man accused of wearing? Camp Auschwitz? The sweater in Capitol riot was arrested.

Robertson and Fracker were both affirmed by the Rocky Mount Police Department.

Robertson told local news stations they were authorized to enter by state police and were not involved in any violence, the local news agency reported, both critical and supportive protesters ahead of the council meeting. City on monday

Kirk Burkhalter, a former NYPD detective, examines a confrontation between Capitol police officer Eugene Goodman and rioters at the Capitol Building. (Washington Post)

The arrest affidavit alleges that the FBI had information, Robertson and Fracker were photographed in the City Hall between 2:00 PM and 8:00 PM. Robertson was quoted on social media as “CNN and the Left are crazy for us. Attacking problematic governments, and not random small businesses … the right to one day take over the US Capitol. Keep teasing us. ”

According to US Police Special Agent Officer Vincent Veloz, a deleted Facebook post with Fracker captioned, “Haha, for anyone who might be concerned about my pictures of me going around. … Sorry I hate freedom? … Unlike me doing anything illegal… do what you feel you want. ”

Robertson shared this picture, including with colleagues at the police department, according to the credentials.

The men were criminally charged with illegal immigration and misconduct in the area of ​​Congress, with their first appearance in federal court in Roanoke at 4 p.m.

Lawyers listed for Fracker did not immediately respond to requests for comment, and Robertson was identified as a federal guardian assistant.

Packer was identified by other acquaintances and news agencies; Several photographs at the Capitol show him wearing a red “Camp Aushwitz”

; T-shirt, which represents the infamous Nazi concentration camp.

The sweater features the phrase “Work Brings Freedom,” a rough English translation of the German word hanging over the gates of a death camp that killed more than 1.1 million people during World War II. The first arrests were reported by the New York Times.

The arrest warrant calls for Packer to enter illegally and run disorderly in the restricted areas of the Capitol.Two offenders carry up to one year in prison. He was released on Wednesday afternoon with an order to leave DC and attend a virtual hearing next week. He has yet to hire a lawyer.

The post was unable to reach Packer, and the attorney who just represented him did not respond to a request for comment. Relatives and neighbors either refuse to talk or do not answer questions. Public records state Packer’s address as residential in Newport News.

The January 6 assault on City Hall by President Trump supporters led to a vote count confirming the president-elect was Joe Biden’s victory and killing five people, including rioters. That was fatally shot and a police officer who died after being injured. At the scene

Prosecutors have called one of the largest investigations the FBI has ever run, leading to more than 70 charges and 170 suspects to date. On Wednesday, federal prosecutors in D.C. charged seven additional people.

Maryland’s Nicholas Rodean also turned himself into DC Police on Wednesday, a police spokeswoman said Rodean, a former Navistar Direct Marketing employee in Fredrick, was fired after being photographed in the Capitol with the company badge. Around his neck, he was charged with three federal counts of entering an area that restricted, misconduct and unlawfully depicted in the U.S. Capitol. The final count is a felony, with imprisonment for up to six years.

Also charged by the federal government was William Pepe was arrested in New York; Andrew Williams was arrested in Florida; And Josiah Colt, of Meridian, Idaho, was arrested in Idaho and Kevin Loftus was arrested in Wisconsin, prosecutors said. Prosecutors said the four were arrested on Tuesday and charged with misdemeanors.

Williams is a firefighter in Sanford, Florida; Pepe works for New York City’s public transportation. Both were suspended without paying.

By law, the defendants are detained if the judge deems them at risk of flying or a danger to the community. Most of the people arrested so far have been charged with indictment and have no significant criminal records.

The new arrest report comes as prosecutors reveal new details about a man accused of threatening to kill House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) And allegedly violating a Cleveland Grover Meredith Jr. from Colorado. Killed Muriel E.Bowser (D) and assaulted a pedestrian while in Washington due to pro-Trump unrest last week.

“After arriving in Washington, D.C., the defendant sent a message stating: ‘I might just walk to the mayor’s office and put 5.56 on her skull, FKG. [expletive]Prosecutors wrote in a court filing requesting Meredith’s custody pending trial.

Meredith, who prosecutors said has a history of drug abuse and mental illness, similarly stated, “Thinking about heading to Pelosi … speaking and putting bullets on live TV.” Followed by a purple devil emoji – meaning the speaker used. The nicknames are rude and misogynist as well.

While still driving to the city on the afternoon of Jan. 6, prosecutors said Meredith received a message telling him that “Trump supporters have breached multiple layers of security defenses. [sic] At the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C., clashes with riot police. ”

Meredith replied, “Burn DC to the FKG floor,” as the court filed for.

Shortly thereafter, the additional filing of Meredith received another message, stating that “It’s open to people in the White House”

On the same day, Meredith received another message claiming that “Penny blew it,” in which he sent the message “Time of war”, prosecutors wrote.

Prosecutors said that when he was arrested on January 7, Meredith had a Glock 9mm pistol and a Tavor X95 semi-automatic rifle with a telescope and approximately 2,500 rounds of various calibers, including “armor-piercing armor.” “5.56mm, at least 320 shots

“Disturbed, insane and visibly dangerous individuals fantasize about horrific acts of violence and take many steps to take by driving in multiple states with bullet trailers. Thousands of shots and several firearms, including assault-style rifles, should not be in the community, ”said Ahmed Baset, Assistant to the US Attorney, in the detention document.

Meredith’s attorney, Federal Assistant Guardian Ubon Iacpan, challenged the basis for Meredith’s detention and argued for his immediate release, prompting a U.S. judge to postpone the hearing on Wednesday until Wednesday. Thursday

US Judge G. Michael Harvey said Akpan had “done a good job” by raising “insignificant arguments” on whether interstate harassment was considered a crime of violence. He had no prior conviction and no serious risk of flying the other two standards for the ruling.

In a news conference on Wednesday, the mayor of DC Bowser was reluctant to discuss the threat and Police Chief Robert Contee III declined to detail whether he would expand the mayor’s safety profile.

But further questioning about the other threats she had been exposed to, Bowser expressed confidence in the ability of local officials to protect her.

“I would say that I have received a lot of threats. I don’t know the number at the top, ”she said.“ If MPD thinks they can take action, they’ll take whatever measures they deem necessary. ”

Ann E.Marimow and Michael Brice-Saddler Contribute to this report

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