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Carlos Dunlap said Russell Wilson told him he was here to stay with the Seattle Seahawks.

SEATTLE – Before re-signing with the Seattle Seahawks last month, veteran defender Carlos Dunlap wanted to make sure Russell Wilson remained. Their quarterback

Dunlap said he was personally endorsed by Wilson.

Speaking to reporters via video conferences for the first time since returning to Seattle on a two-year deal, Dunlap paraphrased his conversation with Wilson.

“I asked him if he was obviously going to be with us because if I came back I would come back because I saw him as my defender and the rest of the team I wanted to take. Where we left off, “Dunlap said Tuesday. “And he told me that he was with us and that he would be here and he said, ̵

6;Let’s go, Hawks.’ I won’t say every word of him, these are not his words verbatim. But it is my explanation of how I interpret what he said. “

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported at the start of the independent agency last month that the Chicago Bears had been “aggressive chasing” Wilson, but was told Seattle had not traded him at the time. One of the four teams Wilson agent Mark Rodgers previously told Schefter the defender would play for if the Seahawks handled him.

Others are Dallas Cowboys (who have extended Dak Prescott’s deal), Las Vegas Raiders and New Orleans Saints, a source recently told ESPN that Wilson did not plan to expand his team roster. He has a commercial prohibition that gives him the power to veto any commercial destination.

Wilson has been working to encourage Chris Carson to re-sign the Seahawks, a source told ESPN Dunlap said he and Wilson were in regular communication around the time the Seahawks released Dunlap in early March to when they Agreed to sign him again 21⁄2 weeks later during the second week of the free agency.

“Many teams expressed their interest. But only real competitors have made offers, ”Dunlap said.“ But Seattle is where I want to be, so when the offer comes from Seattle, I can tell you the deal is done internally. 24 hours since they offered me to sign the contract. “

Dunlap’s two-year deal is $ 13.6 million with $ 8.5 million in guarantees.Two Pro Bowler is set to gross $ 14.1 million before he goes on sale.Dunlap said the Seahawks made him clear when they bought him. From a trade with the Cincinnati Bengals last October that they may have to release him after the season. He claimed that transparency was one of the reasons he wanted to return to Seattle.

“They are very transparent and that’s something I admire from Day 1. When we do the signing and trading, they inform me that this will be a move that could be in [offseason]And when it actually happened, yeah, it’s still different, because I’ve never been cut before, ”he said.“ But they’re still very transparent. They want me to know that they want me back, just this is one of the moves they have to do because of the extreme situations they are in. “

Dunlap will continue to wear the number 43 with the Seahawks.

“I’m looking for where we can hold and make it better,” he said. “That includes me keeping the same number. One of the things you will learn about me is that I am a personality, I love to do things. Where I started to finish and I feel like I have a lot of unfinished work done. “

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