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Castlevania: Resurrection, the discontinued Dreamcast game, appears to be rediscovered.

It appears to have found a playable prototype of the Dreamcast Castlevania 3D platformer, according to Polygon.A YouTube video titled Castlevania Resurrection Exists has surfaced, showing users to boot and play what appears to be an early prototype of a late-era project. 90 that was discontinued.

According to Dreamcast Conservators, the build is from before E3 1999 and features five 3D environments and boss battles. You can read more about the game in Unseen64, which explains that the game was canceled due to It will be created in 1666 and features Sonia Belmont (from Castlevania Legends) meeting new character Victor Belmont (who will later appear in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2). )

An anonymous owner of the game opens the game from a disc labeled “Sega Secret”

; dated 1999 and reads “Castlevania Resurrection” in handwritten text. The owner will then show the levels from the developer menu. “Selection” which includes the logo, title, courtyard, stairs, hallway and chapel.

The movement appears to be complete as the formidable figure follows Sonia around the lava pit and the sinister church. If legal, it’s a cool visual for a promising-looking game that has never been made, a story too commonplace in the gaming industry IGN wrote about the game before it was discontinued. Evaluate the picture early

“Unlike the fairly simple interface of the N64 version,” IGN wrote, “the game looks like it has what it takes to bring out the visual flair that was once crowned at the top of the series with a villain. Eerie and moody The atmosphere came from the eerie light source while breathing. “

While Victor Belmont was released in 2014 Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2, the last time we saw a new installment in the series, Konami was reluctant to develop a new console game for the classic franchise. But it didn’t shut down the gaming department, despite some rumors.


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